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  • Srry, i was going to add you, but i have been busy, ill try to get you today.

    besides, whats your favorite map, mine is probably Outpost.
    Cool I'm in the same time zone as you! I would like to play on weekends more often, so if you want to play this weekend, just hit me up.
    You might want to change your signature into "Zelda games I've beat". Because I have a hard time believing that you played every single game in the existence of gaming - and beat them all. ;)
    I was born in Hungary, I just came to the US three years ago. Also, the english alphabet is included in the Hungarian, except that we learn the foreign letters as extra(like x,y,w) because we will probably need them for later use. We all together have 44 letters in our alphabet with about 16 letters unknown to the English alphabet.
    Yes I knew Rosetta Stone didn't have the teaching program. That is probably because Hungarian is only spoken in Hungary, therefore it is not really necessary. :( But it sure is a tough language to master, that's what I heard.
    Wow Mikau! That's impressive! Yes I am in fact Hungarian. Thanks for noticing it! Btw, which part of Budapest are you moving to? Also if you need help in any language problems I can help!
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