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Michael Heide
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    Hey Michael,
    I just wanted to say thanks for posting that reply on my thread ":cool: Must Have 3DS XL !!!!" It really gave me some good advice. Thanks again!
    I forgot to do this and just thought of it now but Thanks for telling me about Zelda Reorchestrated I listen to BGM's on thier quite frequently.
    Oh-Hoy Mr. Heide, how do you do?!
    Thanks much for writing such a long post in my thread, I really enjoyed reading it, and watching the linked videos!! :D
    Hallo Michael. danke, ich versuche mein Bestes, um Deutsch zu lernen, Ich mag Deutsch mehr als Englisch, ist cool und Spaß.
    viele Grüße aus Kalifornien USA :D

    hallo wie geht es dir? :D do you speak german? i do, but not too much... :P i learned on my own
    Maybe I didn't explain well enough the whole site of youtube is blocked and I'm trying to find another site that I can listen to LoZ BGM's.
    You joined in October and have 6 hearts! Congrats!! It shows we have another great member here! I'm proud at you!
    I just realized that I believe the thread you are talking about in another post was merged into a previous thread of mine, located here. Hope that's the one you are looking for. :)
    just read your most recent post... I wonder if rethinking the phrase "unconditional love" might be worth while. I understood what you meant, but its easily arguable, due to divorce rates and what not... Obviously 'unconditional love' as it currently stands isn't a good basis for marriage, or perhaps it is, and the overall requirements for ending a marriage need to change.

    But all in all good post. I enjoyed reading it.
    Sup, Michael. Random Person here. Saw your post in the "More Interesting Story" thread. Was wondering if you really do like Green Lantern or were you just using that as an example.
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