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  • Well, my schooling is done mostly through books, but my parents also help teach me, and every now and then Dad will give some random project, like writing a report on something. So no, teachers don't come to my house *shivers at the thought*.

    But yeah, Soccer is the real football :D.
    Sheesh, sounds like your school stuff is a bit of work, hmm? I'm home schooled, so I don't have huge deadlines or anything. Oh, darn, actually I just remembered I need to write a fictional short story by tomorrow night.

    But yeah, alls going pretty well with me. I have some soccer on Saturday, which is pretty awesome. Other than that, just "chilling", as some might say.

    Oh yeah, and 10 Euros.... jk, lol
    The forums typically aren't down for this long, but even in the event they are down they take the top priority for the staff to fix up. Granted I always hated the "secret society" attitude that was created among the mods, but meh-whatever works.
    Unfortunately no, no Skype for me. Though I have MSN and stuff, I just never get on.

    I don't want to deal with an ex girlfriend, lol.
    Did you see the news on LoZ? It looks like they're gonna be done with the server stuff soon but they just ran into some trouble.
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