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  • Once I designed my own webpage, and it had a store, though I never gave it any use back then because I never finished any of my books. The site was called thelosttemple.net Did you ever visit it? Haha, don't even try to now, it's not a page, unless someone bought the address. Anyway, I know how to design pages, or at least I knew back then, I dunno if I still could. If you ever decide to host your site, I could help you out setting it up or something. Also, sure, let me know, because I'd really be interested in ordering some characters from my trilogy, especially Medusa. Good luck to you in whatever you decide to do, Maggie. You don't need a website if it's a small business idea you have in mind, I am sure you can have success using FB and other resources out there. Besides, you can now host sites for free. I wouldn't call them crappy sites, they're okay, actually.
    What's all this business I hear about? Are you thinking about selling your made sculptures? If so, that's a great idea, Maggie. Imagine how many figurines I'd order from you? ;)
    That is awesome, Maggie. So tell me, are you very smart? Or just a normal student?

    Anyway, alright. I won't be posting that story until I completely finish it, so it's gonna take me a few days to get everything written nicely. Your character appears, and mine as well, duh, :P (and all those that I want to honor as well) so it's gonna be worth a read. ;)
    Maggie, thought I'd inform you of this update. I'm gonna set aside the dragir story for a few days. The reason: Last night I jotted down some new ideas taken from old ones, and I also took an hour of thinking. Doing so, I came up with a short story that I am working on. Yes, it's Zelda related, and I think I can manage to write it all in one long chapter; thus a one-shot. So yeah, just thought I'd let you know. Do you wish for me to leave a link to it when I post it? Or do you think you can find your way to it? ~Ats
    And a happy new year to you as well, Magatha. Haha, I wasn't expecting that, but surely, from you I shouldn't expect less; you're so kind. Thank you. I hope all your goals become true this new year. I myself want a few to come true. ;)
    Oh, and about those previews from the trilogy. I will send you a few chapters, but I posted two here on ZD, well, 1 and 1/2. Here is the link to where you can read those.

    Story Previews
    Awesome, Maggie. I will look for that band on Youtube. :)

    And that's his name, eh? It's not bad, compared to other names here. But yeah, he could have chosen a cooler one if he would have talked to you before.

    Anyway, I was writing a story before you showed up, but last night I canceled that. lol It was called The Cijyell Stone. Your character appeared there, but if you go and read whatever I wrote, then know that it was a rushed story, with hardly anything solid to back it up. I dished it but will make up for it with a Zelda fan fic that I hope you read and enjoy. The story is mostly to honor all of those who have signed up for my stories before. I hope to have a sign up thread soon.

    The only reason why I came back to ZD was because I lost character data for my trilogy and I came to retrieve it. I found what I wanted but when it was time to leave I felt all nostalgic and decided to remain here. I don't have all the friends I use to, some betrayed me, but I still have you, and HoT, and many others, so all is good. :)
    Hey, Maggie. It's always good to see you. Yeah, it's been a while, eh? How are things going for you?

    He joined, huh? Cool. What's his user name?

    Oh, and yeah, I am excited too. Have a Merry Christmas. :)
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