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  • That's good to know, Maggie. May you have fun doing that, and also watching the Olympics. I will be watching too. Anyway, I'll get to advancing that story even more today. I am on chapter 5 so far, about to finish it too. :P I could have been almost done with the first book but I decided to write longer chapters for it, so yeah, that's why it's been a bit slow. But soon enough the book will be finished. Keep on checking back when you see new posts from me, I may have posted more previews. ;)
    Hi, Maggie, how are you doing today?

    I read your post in my thread. Yeah, lol, good eyes you have. I am glad that you read that, because if you liked what you read, then you will love the over-all story.

    So, will you watch the summer olympics? Or is that not your kinda thing?
    Btw, I did click the link and saw the page and read it. Looks like an awesome place to go and distract one's self. ;)
    Oh is that right, Maggie? Sounds awesome, I am glad for you. Have a lot of fun there.

    Btw, you can check a few previews in my most updated thread if you are curious about the story. My plans have changed, btw.
    Ouch, Maggie. I feel sorry for you. Yeah, it's best to get those shots taken, better than contracting those foul deseases. You'll be fine soon, so just take the pain for a little while. ^^

    I'm doing great, you know, just the usual for me: writing. I am getting two old stories that I wrote here long ago ready for publishing. I am making them into books so I can give copies to my friends. What have you been up to?
    Awesome, Maggie. I hope you have a great birthday. Here is a hug from me in advancement just in case I happen to miss it. *Hugs and wishes happy birthday*

    And I wish you the best of luck in the meet. I hope you win, or your team, etc. :)
    Maggie! Oh my gosh! So sorry! I made a new website and i forgot to evite you! :( i am an idiot! Mninja is there and ping I think... Or a random person... No clue but anyway do you want to be an oddball gamer? :D clever anit it?
    Hey, my beautiful friend. How is it going with you?

    Yes, Maggie, I have a new pc! :) All is good to go, I should get this story done sometime soon.

    Oh, it's raining? Are you in it? Will you swim too?
    Nope, not yet, Maggie. I am using my bro's pc, that's why you see me here today. :P I'll get one soon enough, though. ^^

    Really? A swim meet? That's cool, I hope you enjoy swimming.
    How have you been doing, Maggie? I have to personally thank you for reading Asgard Legends, you're surely a devoted follower of it and I will recompense you for it in a big way. Hope you stick around for book 3. XD
    Really? I feel sorry for them, Maggie, I'm about to go insane without a pc. I really will! I can't wait to get started on writing once I get it. In case you don't know, my pc died yesterday, some sort of short, I believe. The fan was all messed up, probably gave up or something, lol. Yep...Iwill have to get a new one. :P
    I just took a look at your character. It is more than what I expected, so it really is awesome to have her onboard. I don't know whether I make Maggie Stargleam my character's sister because there is just so much that I can do with them, but we'll see how the tale goes in my head. I won't spoil it for ya, instead you will have a better time reading the book when it is done. Thanks for joining, Maggie, and I am glad that your power is back! :)
    Ah, so that's what has kept you busy, eh? Swimming is good, so you are doing yourself a big favor by doing that. And I am sorry to hear about the storms. We got hit yesterday with a mild one, knocked our electricity as well but only for a few minutes. I'm glad to hear you are okay, though, I wouldn't have it any other way. :) So you read that, eh? Haha, I can tell you it's nothing great but I had to come up with something in order to keep busy with my writing, so I wrote that Phydorian Tales book 1. I am now really into this other project, Maggie, for I really want to get it published. It's been one of my dreams, but I think I had already told you about that maybe a year ago? Back when Zelda_8 was around I had in mind doing this kinda thing but gave up on it, and part of that had to do with her leaving all of a sudden. I hope this time that I can stick to it and see it done. Um, if you are gonna be around this week, I will be as well, so don't hesitate to talk to me if you need someone to talk to. And yeah, best of luck to you on that story that you want to write or make into a comic. You know that I will support you by reading it. :) Take care of yourself, Mag. ~Ats
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