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  • Can I have your children and eat them for lunch? Anywho, welcome to ZD! Hope you enjoy it <3
    Please do not bump threads that are a few years or even a few months old, it is better to make a new thread instead.
    I got my eye on you.
    Welcome to The Dungeon Gaming Network or The Zelda Dungeon Forums.I am Violet,you can call me Vio or Vi.
    (since we have almost the same usernames,so yeah. I GOT MY EYE ON YOU.)
    Hello and welcome to the Dungeon Gaming Network!! I'm Azure, it's nice to meet you! :) I hope you enjoy yourself here and make many great posts and even more great friends! Be sure to read the rules before you start posting, and if you have any questions feel free to ask! And last but not least...

    Have lots of fun!! ^^

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