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Lord Death
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  • Hmmm, is the Anime you're searching for Weiß Kreuz maybe? That's the closest thing I could find.....Knights of the Zodiac also came to mind, but I doubted that was what you were looking for >::>
    I've been great, thank you! don't worry about replies, I don't worry about people getting back, everyone's busy ;)

    School.. ew. after the first day of school, it annoys me. other than back to school, I have been doing absolutely nothing!
    My blogs were about basketball, I believe. Basketball is my main sport and my biggest sports passion. I'm a pretty decent basketball player. :P And thanks! I'll know if I made the team in a few days.

    Yes Jordyn tickets <3 No me gusta male gymnasts. Just Jordyn would be fine to watch. :P
    Omg, The Great Gatsby! <3 The love story in that book has a phenomenal development. Enjoy all of the books, LD! Remember, don't overlook the small things; they're just as important in the plot of the story! ^^
    Ah, yes. Usually the first week of school is all about getting to know the guidelines/rules of every class. Always boring, but the picnic on the lawn sounded nice!

    Huckleberry Finn was also banned at one time too, due to racism and swearing. Schools are actually still having debates on whether or not to have Huck Finn in their curriculums. It's an interesting debate! I learned that in my Junior year :P

    I don't think I've heard of AP American Lit. before, that sounds good! I took AP Literature & Composition this past year; I think I may have told you that already? :bleh: If it's American literature, you'll probably be reading Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn for sure!
    Yup, that's exactly right! That's the main idea of the book, but there's so much more hidden within the book! Symbols, motifs, characterization, plot twists... I love it. :P

    I've been doing well! College is in a week; so close. You?
    Ah, me gusta first names. It makes everything feel more personal. :)

    Also yeah I get you, I have to get up at 7:00am tomorrow for volleyball tryouts. I'm used to getting up between 2-3pm. :| lol today I got seven hours of sleep because we had the gym later than normal. The first day of tryouts, at regular time, I got four hours of sleep. I'm expecting to get between four and five hours of sleep again lol. My first day of high school isn't until September 5th, but we have orientation August 29th.

    Yessss Jordyn Wieber my love <3 AND I TOTALLY CONVINCED WYATT TO ADOPT THE MCKAYLA OBSESSION. He and I will fangirl together now it's amazing. McKayla is my second favorite, Jordyn being my first. She's really the most inspiring person I've ever come across in my entire life.
    I've been doing pretty well! Although I'm having a problem calling you LD. I still want to call you Greed. :P

    How are you?
    I want to talk to you on Skype about something that interests me a bit. I think you will find it quite interesting too. Also, here is a video.
    14: Can't Trust Anybody - Red vs Blue Season 9 OST (By Jeff Williams) - YouTube
    I want to talk to you on Skype about something that interests me a bit. I think you will find it quite interesting too.
    Heheh, Mnightshamamalama-sama-kun......and the Narwhals, can’t forget the Narwhals, I love that part. Anyways, no problems, the opening of the newest Naruto Abridged episode is so great……he tries to bash My Little Pony and well—eheheh, here, watch.

    Yeah, Ch. 9 was very long in the end, and considering there is also the 44 page long Viral Akatsuki Chronicles detailing events before the Chapter not mentioned in the Story itself—guess technically in some sense Chapter 9 is 128 pages long.

    That’s good to know, and as for me, guess I’m alright.....got and beat KH 3D, but still play it quite a bit, that’s pretty much the only thing that’s new for me though truly. Vacation eh, that’s rezzical, I hope you had a good time—heh, and it's only natural that they were hysterical, always can get a good laugh out of them. The newest episodes of Naruto and Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged came out recently as well; I’ve watched them each like 3 times or something already. Hmmm, the Naruto Abridged Movie? Here.....

    Lord Death, the Naruto Chapter ended up being 84 pages long—that’s crazy! Anyways, what’s been going on, man?
    It's quite different... idk what to make of it. I think everything is genius except the pacing really bugged me. Parts seemed to be dragging on (not necessarily in a negative way, more like "oh this great movie is going to last forever!"), and then the ending was rather abrupt.
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