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  • Yeah, it was pretty good. Not better than Howl or Mononoke, but it was definitely up there.
    Gotta love amusement parks! You should try Cedar Point sometime :yes:

    Ohhh, I should see it a second time; I've always heard people say that it's better the second time around.
    I like this first picture. :bleh: But the baby one is pretty cool too. :yes: You know it's odd, because my name is Sully, and the guys in Monsters Inc. are Sulley and Mike; and since they work at a company, that would make the promotion part relevant. I overthink things, don't I? :lol:

    Thanks again. ^^
    If you click the sig image and ctrl (apple) c ctrl (apple) v (copy and paste) the url in the bar in the
    I wondered :P
    Well I made the avy too, so you can do the same thing...however you do it on a Mac :D
    Yeah. You can right click the sig and click "copy image URL". and put it between the image tags.
    I made your sig! I forgot you wanted an avy too though, so I'll have that done ASAP
    Ok then, maybe go ahead and have a younger Itachi come in as well if you want, and younger Deidara and younger Kisame, and.....this may prove to lead to who knows what kind of antics.
    Heh, have you ever played Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time? In the Akatsuki RP, I kind of feel like having something like that happen--like for example, since I'm Pain, have Yahiko come through a time portal and make me trip. Deidara mentioned Pain causing a time disturbance near the end of the Island part, so this is what I came up with.
    It was fun! Got my competitive side goin'! :P The engines are super-loud, and it was 1980 cars and newer. On Friday it's 1980 and older... I think I may go to that one too! It's awesome to watch, and sometimes the radiator wrecks, so the engine starts smoking, or it catches on fire. Rear-ends get smashed so the driver can't see out the back window, yet they still compete anyway. It's great!
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