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  • Well I think it's more enjoyable to watch someone play through a game without knowing what will happen (like you're doing with Skyward Sword). And I think it's much too rare. I especially enjoyed episode 9! :D

    By the way, you should go talk to the potion shop owner over at the bazaar. Just a little tip. ;) You might also want to search through the sealed temple a little more carefully...
    No problem, mate!

    Ah, that's too bad. Anyway, good luck with finding a way! :)

    So, how do you do? Are you as far in Skyward Sword as you are in the videos? Or do you have another save file? In that case, how far are you into the game? :?
    Aha, okay. So you talk while playing, although on another recording. By the way, does a capture card work with a handheld such as a DS or 3DS?
    Aha, I see. How does a capture card work? (asks mr. curious... :thinking:)
    Are you recording your TV with a camera? Because if that's the case, then it must be a very good camera.
    Thank you! You celebrate tomorrow, don't you? As I live in Sweden we celebrated today.

    By the way, I've seen some videos from your Skyward Sword walkthrough. Keep up the good work! ;)
    Keep in mind though that the mods aren't on 24/7 so there may be a delay between your thread being moved and all that jazz
    You can view Zelda Articles, so ask Axle or another mod to move that thread to Zelda Articles. Applications are only made to get access to Zelda/Pokemon articles as far as I know. If you already have access (like I do), no application is required. If you put a thread in the wrong category, it can be moved by a mod whenever they can get to it (:
    A little bit of the original Portal I believe. I don't believe it competes with the likes of Half-Life, however.
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