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  • Hey, Locke, I typed up some stuff for the Barrel House page over at the Wiki but I am not 100% certain if the way I wanna set it up over there is alright. Like, it starts out with the description of the location and a brief description of what role it plays in the game, but then further down I have two section set up. One which more so details it's involvement in the main story while the other details the growing of Pico Blooms Link can help with later on in the game. Does this seem alright to you?

    Eh, never mind, I just posted the page anyways...if anyone wants to fix it up however then they can though, sorry for wasting a VM here, heheh.
    Yo, I think you messed up in the ordering of the team game. You set the playing order as ABAB when it's supposed to be ABBA because of FTA. Oh well, it's not a big deal.
    How are you and Hitomi doing? When's the first date? When's the second date? When's the engagement? When's the wedding? When's the baby shower? When's the divorce? When's the unemployment? When's the retirement? When's the death?
    Oh, thanks for responding it clears things up. For some reason I thought it was a point system. :S
    Locke, I have a question about the wiki. When you go to recent changes and it says +800 or -12, what is it for and what does it mean?
    :lol: Hahaha, I agree, "Like-Likes Like-Likes like like Like-Likes" is a fantastic sentence. I still prefer "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo," though, mostly because I can actually say it ^_^
    Lol yeah, it is pretty good. I personally like it better than Howl, but Mononoke... Man, I haven't seen that it years! That's one I have to watch again. And I find it interesting how you didn't include Spirited Away in your reply, probably Miyazaki's most critically acclaimed work. :xd: Not the absolute biggest fan, I'm guessing?
    Hey Locke, did you ever get around to watching Castle In The Sky? :P If so, what did you think? If not... Well... GO WATCH IT! :D
    Lol, the edits you've suggested so far on my article are edits Axle directly made. WAY TO MAKE A CONFLICT IN INTEREST, BUDDY! :lol:
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