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    I Need an Anime to Watch!!

    Amongst my personal favorites are: Shakugan no Shana (Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Drama) Fate/Stay Night (Same as SnS) Toradora (Romance, Comedy, Drama) Zero no Tsukaima (Same as SnS) Hayate no Gotoku (Comedy, Romance) Lucky Star (Slice of Life Comedy) (This one primarily if you've seen a lot of...
  2. linkman8

    Which Anime Character Are You?

    Probably Hayato Ike from Shakugan no Shana, just because he has a sense of leadership and intelligence, but a lot of his social and romantic attempts fall flat. XD
  3. linkman8

    Do You Have the Money to Upgrade to Wiiu/3DS?

    I have already invested in the 3DS, which I regrettably bought at full price, but I'm still comforting myself with the assumption that it'll get some good games eventually. In terms of the WiiU, I'm still rather unconvinced as to what it actually is. It doesn't look like a standalone system to...
  4. linkman8

    Not Reading SS Articles

    I'm right there with you, I haven't read almost anything about Skyward Sword in general. I saw the trailers, the release date, and a couple other small things, but for the bulk of the news that has been released and discussed I have turned away from, just because I hate spoilers. A lot. I'd...
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    Make Your Own Zelda Flipnote Contest Winners

    I didn't send one, but I wish that I could have. Probably would've paled in comparison to these though. I particularly like the third one they've got listed; the one having to do with Four Swords. All of them were very good though.
  6. linkman8

    Details About Skyward Sword You Don't Like

    I wouldn't say I necessarily have a lot of complaints as of thus far; things like save points don't really matter to me that much, because like someone else mentioned, they did it Majora's mask, and that worked out well enough. Overall in this game, the movements are solid, the graphical style...
  7. linkman8

    Ice White 3DS and Monster Hunter 3G Bundle

    It's a pity they weren't able to roll out more colors on the original release of the system, but I'm satisfied with my black 3DS; besides, I already had a white DS, so I've got a bit of a yin and yang effect going. ;)
  8. linkman8

    Will Standard Transmission Ever Become Obsolete?

    Naturally this is from an American perspective, but I think over a period of time, manufacturers and consumers will gradually shift (no pun intended) towards an automatic transmission, just because it's more efficient for a lot of people. Personally I don't see the appeal of manual...
  9. linkman8

    Foreign Music

    I love foreign music to the point that it's all I really listen to. Specifically Japanese music. I listen to JPop and JRock more than anything else, especially everything produced in America. I basically have turned off the FM radio and turned on the Japanese internet radio.
  10. linkman8

    Most Momentous September 13 3DS Announcement

    I am VERY excited about Fire Emblem 3D. I'm a fan of the series, and I'm raring to get some more use out of 3DS by putting it towards some RPG's and strategy-based games. Also, looking at a few of the screenshots, it looks like the series is going through a couple very cool cosmetic changes.
  11. linkman8

    Japanese Box Art

    Wow, that is pretty sweet. I've found throughout the history of games released in Japan and the west, Japan always has the better box art. :)
  12. linkman8

    Zelda Manga

    Surprisingly it's somewhat of a more traditional manga by having these things than being a traditional game. What I mean is that these things are more common in manga in general, and just remember that the mangas are non-canon. And to a lesser degree, some of the other manga contain such things...
  13. linkman8

    3DS Ambassador Games Are Now Available!

    I've gotten Metroid so far, and that game is brutal. To be honest, it's too much for me. My question is, are they going to release any more games for ambassadors any time soon, by chance? I'd be overjoyed if they gave me a free download to FFII for example.
  14. linkman8


    You really have watched all of the best shows. I may have missed it in that massive list, but definitely give the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya a go. It's one of the greatest shows out there, with an amazing movie. Lately I've been watching A-Channel, and even though I absolutely adored shows...
  15. linkman8

    Link Partner

    I've always had similar views regarding the partner. I thought it would be cool if you got a boy or girl that would be your "apprentice" or so to speak, and you could teach them moves and tactics, get them armor and things like that.
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