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  • US release date for Platinum hasn't been shown yet, but I'd assume sometime early-ish next year. It was released the 13th of this month (I think) in Japan.
    I'm thinking of getting the GBA port of ALttP though for now. Or one of the many DS games that look interesting.
    It's pretty good, I think I'll probably save my money for Platinum. What have you been doing with your DS lately?
    Nothing much, soccer every now and then, working on pokemon pearl which I'm borrowing from my nephew. So yeah, how's school going for you?
    BTW why are there islands in PH and not in TP (IVE PLAYED MOST OF tp) darn, caps lock is there a flood or somthing, and what happens to zelda and hyrule??
    also, i found the collectors edition for bidding!
    it has 40 miniteds left
    hey, link i just ordered a link to the past for GBA
    it should arrive in a week or so, and im winning my bids on OoT, WW and CE
    4 days left on them....
    I see. I guess I won't see ya around as much, as of yesterday. Well, good luck with your classes. I'll probably be around a bit, so cya later.
    So when does school start for you? I'm homeschooled, and I haven't started it much yet. Just doing some math/history here and there for now.
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