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  • Okay, so change of plans; I'm back on ZD~ The lawnmower started smoking as soon as I turned it on... :sweat:

    Really? Neat! I'm like that too. Except I don't think that I have any Italian in me. I'm mostly German and Swiss (and American obviously). But my last name is of English, Irish, and Scottish origin (not sure which one ^_^; ). So, I don't know what's up with that... :P

    So does my phone. x3

    I've never gotten the chance to play Link's Awakening. But, I reaaally want to though... <.<
    Well, I can't limit my stalking to ONLY men, that would be sexist.

    And no I didn't forget Keef, 'cuz I never actually took the time to even remember he existed.
    Axle, Worlf Sage, Mases, Gerudo Girl, Xinnamin, Jesse McCarty, ect..... Oh, and Kybyrian....
    You're Italian? Like full-blood Italian, or are you part Italian?

    Ohhh, I LOVE Olive Garden... I love Italian food in general~ :P

    That's how my last phone was. It didn't have a very nice camera. It's amazing how much better the camera on my new phone works compared to my old phone's camera... But, sadly, it doesn't do well with close-up pictures. But I guess that I can live with that... ;)

    Something from Link's Awakening? Which something? :lol: Oh, and which Hyrule Field theme do you mean?

    I will be back on ZDungeon soon. Gotta go mow the yard... ^^
    Apparently, it's against the law of fun and good health to be professional stalker....
    :lol: I probably wouldn't have gone if my freinds weren't going. It's always fun to go with friends.^^
    Oh, well I couldn't get the fabrics so I didn't do it.:sweat: I just went with being my confirmation saint. What were you?(if you went:rolleyes:)
    Wait. What's your favorite resturant?

    :lol: REALLY? I found out the Skyward Sword Main Theme (Goddess Song)! I play it all the time... :P I don't care about smart phones; all I need is a keyboard and musical notes. And a good camera~ ;)

    I have tons of Zelda music recorded onto my phone too! The Skyward Sword Romance Theme is my ringtone at the moment~ One of the benefits of phonezoo is that you are able to take songs out of your music library (iTunes) and turn them into a ringtone. It's a great feature. :D
    Same here. Greasy food is terrible. And I'm not a fan of McDonald's either... The only things that I'll get there is a Fruit and Walnut Snack and the Chicken Selects. Plus milk and that sort of stuff~ :P

    I've gone through a couple of different phone models throughout the years. I never used them all that much though. I remember having 1...2...3... this will be my fourth phone. I NEVER used my first two. I didn't use my third phone until I found out that it could play music. I was just playing around with the settings one day and found a sound setting labeled "Xylophone." So, obviously, I tryed that setting out, and found that the number keys would play musical notes! 1=C, 2=D, 3=E, ect. Then my friend showed me a website called phonezoo.com where you could find TONS of different ringtones for free. So that upped the phone's value for me. ;3 My new one can play musical notes too (apparently only Samsung models can), so I'm very happy to have this phone (Samsung Intensity II)~ What kind of phone do you have?
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