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  • Heheh! I have absolutely no idea. Last summer break I sat down one morning and started a new save file of OoT. After a couple of minutes I decided to try to beat the game before I went to bed. And I actually managed to beat the game in just under 10 hours, and that was really fun. :D Have you timed yourself while beating video games before?
    Cool, your rooting for Tyler and I'm rooting for Josh! Let's see who's on the winning side. :brow: Whoever wins though, I don't think he's gonna win by much. And yes, SpongeBob and Patrick works too. Either way, Tyler is SpongeBob! :lol:
    I do believe we bought The Day After Tomorrow some time ago. I haven't watched it yet, I probably should though. :)

    Oh I completely forgot to tell you about their OoT Versus! :O Well, it's good you found it. And it's actually not a surprise to me that you like AttackingTucans a lot! I also really love both of them (on their own, but mostly together). I've read some comments saying that Josh and Tyler are the perfect duo due to them being very similar to SpongeBob and Squidward, which I totally agree with. Also, whenever I watch their Versuses I root for Josh for some reason. I like the two equally, but I guess it's because I decided to root for Josh back in the Super Mario Sunshine Versus (their first one).
    Nice, I haven't actually watched that many disaster movies. I've seen Dante's Peak, 2012 and probably some others. What disaster films do you like to watch?
    :lol: Yeah I really don't care about what weather it is, as long as I don't have to go out there myself. Being inside playing video games or watching a film while there's crazy rain, wind or snow outside can actually be quite cosy. :) Luckily for me though, we didn't get that much snow for today. We got more than before, but not at all as much as they said we'd get.
    Cry seems like a cool guy. :cool: And he doesn't appear to be just like any other Let'sPlayer. I like that. :) Right now we have quite an intense snow storm outside. Tomorrow morning we should have about 25 cm deep snow... I had been hoping for spring to come soon, but at the moment that doesn't seem to be the case. Though if the weather stays the same we might get a day off from school! :D
    Josh (JoshJepson) and Tyler (AttackingTucans) have done a couple of other Versuses in the past, and they're always very entertaining. :D I do know about Smosh, but what is Cry? :huh:
    Yeah, 64 is probably my third favourite game in the series, after Galaxy 2 and Sunshine (Sunshine was the game I got with my Game Cube (which also was my first stationery console)). By the way, if you like Super Mario 64 and if you're interested in watching a Versus of that game on YouTube I can highly recommend this:

    It's a Versus between the two Let'sPlayers JoshJepson and AttackingTucans (I'm sure I've mentioned the two of them on another occasion before). Anyway, the Versus started quite recently actually, and it's only at part 6 so far. They upload one part each week, and they're almost exactly equally good/bad at the game. :)
    I see. I love many of the Mario games, the 3D titles in particular (64, Sunshine, Galaxy and Galaxy 2). I'm not such a big fan of the side scrollers though (which most of the Mario games are). Mario Kart is also fun, but I guess those games sort of count as spin-offs. Have you played any of the four 3D Mario games I mentioned (because those are my personal favourites)? :?
    Thanks! I think I'll do either the staff credits theme from Super Mario 64 or the Rainbow Road theme from Mario Kart Wii. :nod: Do you play Mario games?
    Nice! I'm looking forward to seeing it. :D Lately I've been listening to a lot of different Super Mario songs, and I think the next project for my YouTube channel will be a Mario cover. :) I don't know yet which one I'll do though...
    Sounds like a cool program nonetheless. c: It would be fun to see one of those animes sometime.
    Don't be so hard on yourself, my friend. Your drawings are great!

    That sounds like a cool program! I'm quite busy nowadays. I've got a lot in school and every weekend until about the middle of May we've got about a total of 8 hours of drama reheasrals (it's fun, but very intense at times). :)

    Of course I don't mind. And personal info really isn't something I expect people to give out anyways.
    And yeah, I wish I had more musical ability though, like you XD
    Thank you, but your drawing ability is way past mine! :D

    Tell me, what have you been up to lately?

    Also, if you should come to Sweden somesometime, you gotta let me know! ^^
    My mother is actually in a depression right now as well. I don't suppose I know how it feels, since I've never been there myself, but I do think I have a pretty good hunch of what it's like.

    Regarding track & field, I'm not very good at such things myself. I'm really quite bad at most physical activities. Though maybe dancing is an exception. I walk about 5 km a day (to and back from school), but that's basically all the training I ever get. And I agree with you, music really is a wonderful thing. :)

    I've also been thinking that it would be cool to meet some online friends someday, somehow. Though it really isn't something I'm expecting to happen (the major reason being that I live on the other side of the Atlantic for most of my online maties).

    And yes, you're definitely right, everyone do have their own Let'sPlayer. :nod:
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