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  • Yeah it's fun no doubt! My experience with graphics comes down to one photoshop tutorial class that took up only one semester in high school. I wish it would have been longer, because all I really learned were the basics.

    Yes, I was actually thinking about using smudges for Bane! You're too clever ;)
    Ohhh okay! Well your graphic is pretty awesome nonetheless! I've just recently gotten into making graphics/sigs on photoshop. My first couple of submissions... I didn't even use layers. I am that much of a noob :lol:

    TDKR... is the best! I love your catwoman sig! Anne Hathaway is gorgeous! I'm thinking of making one with Bane! <3
    Good job to you too! I initially thought that this was one of my best sigs, but I never closely looked at my render when I finished the sig... and I noticed it was pixelated in some places! I should have saved it with higher res! D:

    But anyways, good job! It's always good to see people participating in these contests! :D Are you submitting one for The Dark Knight Rises?! :3
    Yeah, I started by finding clockwork angel in the library, then read all the mortal instruments, then reread clockwork angel and got clockwork prince.
    Yes you are allowed to make some changes. i will put it up tomorrow to make sure we are going in line with the other contests. So feel free to go ahead and make the adjustments ;) I appreciate your offer to help
    I'm not complaining, I'm speaking the truth. Besides, I'm already arguing with him anyway.
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