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  • awesome!
    Yeah. lol if you have listened to them, you probably should have known it was me. lol
    good luck on your exams!
    lol. wow good job girl! looks like fun! you have to tell me what the captions say though. Because if you recall, I don't speak french. :P
    And it sure has been a long time. It's going pretty good. School and podcast, always keeping me on my toes. lol

    How are you doing?
    Whatcha talking about me being anti-social? Haha, loz, no, not me, maybe I'm just being cautious. It don't want to talk about it now, no use talking about this stuff with online people, Hazel, who only think are lies. Anyway, how have you been? I hope you are doing great. Those are the words and wishes of the Great One, me. ~Ao :P
    wellll i study japanese studies so yeah...i speak a little japanese ^^"
    i explained my name in my thread xD it's just i wanted to join the chat in the livestream quickly and i just same up with that cause i love japanese 'afternoon tea' (sweet tea with milk) the name was taken so i just added the 'pot' ^^" what about your name? is it your fav colour?
    Sure, I'll tell you about it :D

    Yes, bagwan means god in Hindi, but in English letters ;)

    Je suis très bein! :D Pourqui tu est très très bein? Parce que le... New Year? :xd: Excuse mon mal Français :P Je parler petite de Français. Est que tu apprendre anglais dans ton ècole?
    It was great, I had a very good time with family and friends, etc. Got lots of presents and gave a few myself, so all is well. How was yours?

    Btw, Happy New Year, a little late for that but still, I do hope you achieve all your dreams.
    Live in India? No way! You know how much competition and studying there is over there! I would rather visit that place than be drowned in homework every day! Visiting India is what I wanted to do for 5 years, but I could not go. Last time, and only time I visited India was when I was 7 years old :(

    And cool, I noticed that when I looked at Ao's profile :P Yeah, I corrected that confusion ;)

    Also, Bonjour Hazel! :wave: Comment ca va? :D
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