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    what font, that's a good question...truth is i accidentally switched my keyboard to japanese and was to lazy to switch back ^.^" so...i used the japanese keyboard...ohhh you played ds games? how are they? i always want to buy one but i am afraid that I don't like them ^.^"
    Um I try to do one a week but I don't know I could do one in a bit if you guys on the SB want me to.
    Not many...I played 4 swords adventures, Twilight Princess and A Link to the past...I watched my father playing Ocarina of Time (including the master quest) and Majoras Mask..What about you?
    Well I just feel a little...stupid when reading discussions....most times, even when it's about the games i love i have noooo idea what they are talking about :(
    yeah i kinda think i don't want to be involved with timelines (without wanting to be mean, i don't understand why they came up anyway)
    Thanks, Hazel, between you and Annabeth, I think the correct spelling for The Great One has been solved. XD What have you been up to?
    Yes, I'm an Indian ^^ I was born in India, and India will always be my home, even though I'm far away, my country will always stay in my heart :) I moved to Canada when I was 4. And how do you know Hindi, Hazel? Or did you ask someone?
    i'm fine thanks (hope you are too)
    wellllll I've read many many threads until now and i feel less and less fan. that's a little depressing, i hope it'll change soon! But I think I'll never understand the timeline discussions...
    hi hazel ^^ thanks for your kind message! how i find zelda dungeon? i have to confess i don't remember haha^^" i found their channel on youtube, subscribed (i love the mailbag vids) and yesterday i found the facebook page, homepage and joined the live stream xD i enjoyed it so much that i became a forum member today xD how did you find it? you seem to be here a long time!
    Not really much idea but was it have a good Christmas and something about presents? Not sure.:S
    Joyeux Noel! (...That's how you say it...right? :xd:)

    We played Christmas games in French with pop and biscuits! Hope you have a great Christmas and eat a good Christmas dinner! :) <3

    Thanks, he is one cute guy, eh? lolz. Anyway, I am glad you joined the club, hope you help us out with great ideas, frog. Okay, not frog but froggy. :P
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