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  • What?! Strange to hear you reading Shakespeare. My AP English Language and Composition class focuses on American literature and thus we have read works such as The Crucible by Arthur Miller as well as Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and soon to be The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. And synthesis prompts are basically persuasive essays with the assistance of documents. They differentiate themselves from history DBQs (Document Based Questions) in that only three out of six or seven documents have to used. You will inevitably get to this type of writing as it composed 1/3 of the Section II score on the AP exam.
    They are going well but both classes are starting to annoy me because I had two big essays due today in both and worked all night to finish them since I was completely booked on Saturday! It was horrible! We're currently discussing Synthesis Prompts in English-the last type we has yet to converse about-and writing nonsensical book reviews in AP US History. :sick:
    I plan on doing Hero Mode once I've memorized SwS.

    As for the games all except for OoA, the CD-i games, and Japanese exclusive, and remake game like OoT 3DS.
    Yes I have I found it very fun and entertaining but I think I'll wait until I'm practically memorized the game to go to Hero Mode.

    When i say memorize I mean I know where to next in the main story after I complete something.
    Sure, it was. But I'm boss at history and got a 95% both semesters with a 5 on the AP exam. AP US History is slightly harder.
    Freshmen? That's certainly ambitious for your school.

    At mine there are no AP classes offered until Sophomore year, beginning with AP European History, which I took. :) Strange, strange.
    I'm taking that same class as well as AP US History. History is so much easier than English. AP English is so annoying.
    I don't believe so. What a story! Sorry to hear. You mention AP classes? Or did I misunderstand? Which ones?
    yeah wouldn't it? my mom made my halloween costume, she sews. it was a realistic link in theory, because we had the fingerless gloves, but we had a wind waker type belt.
    yeah, i dunno about that, sorry thanks for asking though! but i do have lots of cool zelda merch. i got a shirt, a link plush (not from the contests) a link halloween costume my mom made when i was in 4th grade, a gold ds lite that i will never get rid of, a phantom hourglass ds carrier. as for games i have everything except the oracle games
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