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  • No doubt about the ES games being massive I don't even know how far I am in the main quest I've mostly been doing guild quests but now that I've completed every guild for the Thieves, Mages, and Fighters Guild I'll probably be on ZD a lot more.

    RE4 pretty much set the standard for every RE game that was released afterward as many fans of the series have told me at school.

    So anything new going on?
    Sorry it's been over since I replied but the weekend after I presented my project I visited my brother and he has let borrow/keep his copy of Elder Scrolls 3:Morrowind and I've spent most of my time doing that.

    I haven't actually played the Kirby game yet for the reason above. It was the original Resident Evil but when I 1st played it it took me an hour just to get the controls so I traded that 1 in and got the the Wii remake of RE:4

    A brain hemorrhage is when an artery in the brain bursts. Actually she had the hemorrhage when she was very young.

    I actually think it might have passed and it might even be in my city but a place close could you send me a link to a site where I could find this info.
    Well I got assigned this project in ASL about a disorder or disability and even though it's not directly a disorder or disability I chose to do mine on brain hemorrhage because my girlfriend had one and again that's what took so long for the response. I'll have present sometime next week I just hope I'm not called on Monday because I defiantly need at least one more day.

    Well I got Kirby Return to Dreamland and Resident Evil.

    Seeing as the symphony already past I don't think so.
    My teacher has been prepping rhetorical analysis a lot but I'm still a bit worried about both persuasive essays-without documents as well as the synthesis prompt. Also, the multiple choice for that AP Exam is nothing short of insane especially if a 60 or so percent is enough to qualify for a "5" if you do well enough on the essays. o_O

    As for Shakespeare, my mind is clouding him out for the time being. ;)
    I'm terrified for the AP Exam in that course. I really need to practice on my writing style. Glad to hear everything is mostly going well for you. Never read The Taming of the Shrew although I did see a theatre production of it.
    It's been a long awhile since we last conversed. I hope AP English Language and Composition is going well!!!

    I sincerely hope you had a fantastic International Women's Day!!!

    Thank you :yes:
    Though I'll admit that I didn't make it.

    The owl is a sprite from Link's Awakening.

    I found the image online.
    they were indeed club nintendo posters, and it's cool that you got your game case! but unfortunately i can't go to the symphony :(
    eShop what's that as I don't a DS-i or 3DS yet.

    I've had college stuff to do apart from school homework and haven't much freetime if you're wondering what's took so long for a response.

    So anything happen over the month?
    Well, got some new zelda posters, waiting for stuff to come in the mail, and hanging around the forums! how about you?
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