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  • Oh, that's good. I'll make sure not to step around those parts and heed the warning of the sign. Do you work here? Or is this your home?
    I am kinda dissapointed too. but i still like the game.

    and i cleared out my messages, so PM away!:)
    Thats would suck! lol i went to google translate andit pronouced your name "Da-o" but it was like really fast and i had to listen to it a couple of times to understand what it was saying:P

    I will not ever try it! lol, and btw Skyward sword s beating Skyrim! whoo-hooo!!!:D 51% to 49% :)
    Is your name pronouced Ta-o? ;p lol it dosnt sound that chineseo_O lol my computer says you messaged me at 8:53AM haha^^ i think thats cool! ...and yes i like jazz...but my music teacher only lets me play classical >.<

    I freaking hate math too. im not good at it. i suuuck at it. this year im taking Algebra 1 and i dont like it-.-

    Dang man! if i had tryed and stayed up it would hav been allready morning for me!D:
    Lol. and iv never heard of that video game before:p

    I play the alto saxophone, and sopranno saxophone. im really good at themXD and my favorite zelda game is Ocarina of time. its awhsome:)
    Aaaaalso i play softball, volleyball and basketball. but my favorite is softball;P ive allways wanted to try achery but its looksdifficult and its not popular at ALL where i live>.<

    Whats "optics lessons"? and by the way whats your name? i told you mine!>XD

    EDIT:You wont die! i promise! ill save you:P lol.
    DOUBLE EDIT: erhmm.....what time do you normally wake up on the weekends? (i wanna see if i can stay up until you wake up:P) just a little expirement XD
    Sorry for posting yet AGAIN on your profile but, do you play any instruments? if so, then what kind? lol:P and im just really bored right now. its 9:37....( but prolly like 4:40 for you) uhmm yeahh...favorite Zelda game? uhm.....(thinks up a random question) Play any kind of sports?.....lol
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