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  • OH MY BO! I love The Dukes of Hazzard! Bo and Luke Duke are so cute! Y'all just earned yourself a follower!

    You know, 2112 may be the greatest rock epic of all time. It has an incredible message, good lyrics, and perfect instrumentation. Most of the other songs on that particular album seem a bit bland to me, but 2112, the song, is just fantastic.
    Dude, Rush is the best. Im wearing a 30th anniversary shirt as i type hahaha.
    I watched it not so long ago. xD 2 weeks ago they send the whole serie here over again, it's so nice.
    I LOVE your user name! The Dukes of Hazzard is a awesome serie xD Full of wacky things. Oh i love Boss or Rosco. ;d
    Ok, thanks! ;)
    I will listen to them as soon as I can.
    Dragonforce? Never heard of them before... Any good suggestions of songs by them? :)
    Mostly heavy metal and thrash metal. A lot of Metallica and Disturbed. ;)
    What are you favorite bands?
    Yeah. I personally would love to see the "return of arcades." I think it'll happen someday. Maybe when they develop virtual reality technology and it's too expensive to put into home consoles. :xd:
    Niiiiiice. That sounds like oodles of fun! :)

    I've always loved arcades. Can't say exactly why. Just the feel of it all. It's neat.
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