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  • Reproduction is our most important goal, it's in our nature to reproduce with each other using the straight method. Homosexuals cannot achieve our most important goal without going straight. So the way I see it their sexuality isn't natural because it has no benefits for the human race, as far as reproduction goes.. or in other words the survival of our species?

    Or am I extremly misinformed??
    You have exceptionally good taste in music.

    Have you heard any modern prog bands, like Spock's Beard, Dream Theater, The Flower Kings, Transatlantic, Marillion, etc? I'd be curious to get your take on them. :P If not, I'd at least like to introduce you to Spock's Beard, which is my favorite band and is heavily influenced by the 70s bands like Genesis.
    Those are all good choices. Hmm that's a very hard question to answer but I think either 2112, Xanadu, Tom Sawyer, or Spirit of Radio. Have you seen them live?
    Really? Xanadu is one of my all time favorites, its so epic. My favorite album is either A Farewell to Kings or Signals.
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