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  • Hmmmm, as Vain, leader of the Viral Akatsuki, I don't really like to get involved with mushy stuff like that >.> But.....where is it :rolleyes:
    While I do really like Giovanni's son as a character, he too is my fave Rival (and I love his theme from HeartGold/SoulSilver).....believe it or not, I named myself Silver after the Sonic the Hedgehog character o_O The name just stuck after that :)
    You’re welcome :) And, I don't know....you like Pokémon, isn't that good enough :? As a Pokémon Trainer, you can call me "Legendary Collector- Silver" For obvious reasons, I have A LOT of legit shinies….Legendaries and otherwise :D I've played many games, many times and traded with many a people online to get my collection :silent: I am proud of and love them all....but since I have so many, most of them just sit around in my PC :awkward:
    I like watching the new TV episodes too, but I can't say I was watching since the start, I only really got into pokémon by the time diamond and pearl came out. that's why I have an obsessive love for the new games and the new pokémon.
    Been playing for around 6 years now, and I'm glad to say I own every DS and 3DS game in the series ( I also own pokémon sapphire too. )
    Ah thanks, sorry for the late reply I was watching the latest one piece
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