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  • I really not sure there's not much music I like other Christian music and Video game BGMs, I do like to sculpt so art is a maybe portion and I don't much modern literature or literature in general to have much input but if feel like I could contribute then send me an invite and a FR just so you're on my contact list.
    I mostly play Fighting games like SSMB and Soul Calibur and if you include Metriod as shooting then shooting but I really like adventure games such as LoZ.
    Ah just remembered how Ash's Voice sounds and yes Ash is a bit to nice.

    I don't the reason but I haven't found the Pokemon VG's to exciting either.
    I probably still remember all the original 150 or at least more than 100.

    I stopped watching Pokemon after Ash went to the Third region because I realized it was the first 2 all over again after the 1st 5 episodes.

    But Pokemon to me nowadays has lost its taste so I don't have any Pokemon related things except that poster.
    Not really, I'm afraid. I'm a PvE sort of person, and I've never been much for PvP. I did have a joke 3v3 Arena team as a Prot Warrior, with a Prot Paladin (as a healer, lol) and a hunter, who was the only serious contribution.
    Heh. I don't play anymore; I used to be a big raider until I decided to focus more on school. That's where the big addiction, overbearing responsibility and time consumption take place, in competitive raiding. I transferred servers a lot to find the right raiding guilds; my last guild, Purpose, was on Argent Dawn. Other notable servers I was on were Bloodhoof (way back when) and Area 52 for a long time. My character name was Aerniskliwbi, a Tauren Prot Warrior, and I was the main warrior tank or sometimes an off tank. With Purpose, we were the 6th guild in the world (although technically the 4th, but WoWstats bumped us back for some reason) to get the Conqueror of Ulduar Achievement. I, myself, never got the achievement because I sat out for a couple of the bosses and didn't get them for the achievement. However, I was present for all of the harder boss kills with no deaths.
    Anyway, I'm past that now, and I doubt I'll be going back to it anytime soon. Don't get into raiding; it's bad for you. ;)
    It actually took me months to get to 80 o_o

    But I've been levelling my Shammy over just a few weeks and she's 50 already so...
    Nope :P I roflstomp everything except Frost Mages, really :D *Shakes fist angrily at random Horde Frost Mage*

    And yay, you're at Northrend! :clap:
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