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  • *Is too inactive here ><*

    Yeah, it's funny how one little question can get you addicted to something like that ;D

    Something both Zelda and Warcraft related-

    D: *Has been inactive here for far too long*

    Well, I've heard Shadow is good in PVP at the moment, if you can get your priest to 85 before the next patch or whatever :P

    Anyway, it's my birthday! *Happydance* I got a 3DS and Ocarina of Time 3D :D
    I don't think we ever did talk... anyway, nothing much. It's been pretty boring. And yes, I like cats. How did you know? :rolleyes:
    Okay, you sure? I can breed you an egg easy.

    I'm Elvenknight. Though I think all you have to do is give me the code it gives you when you activate the Teleport.
    Oh, and if you don't have a Magi, pick a dragon of mine that you'd like me to send you, and we'll use my dragon, but we'll have to wait a couple days for cool-down.
    No problem!
    Okay, if I'm giving you an egg to change, I'll breed it, then use my Magi dragon to Teleport it. That'll give me a code and I can send it to you. You change it, and use you Magi dragon to Teleport it to me.
    4.2 isn't out yet for you? :|

    Been out for a few days here now.. THE NEW HYJAL AND FIRELANDS DAILIES ARE FREAKIN' AWESOME! Too bad I'm not a raider so daily quests are pretty much the only thing for me to do until the next arena season ><'
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