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    Hey i love you
    Hey i think your hot
    Hey im crazy about u
    and you dont even know i exist

    hey i love you
    hey you r sexy
    hey im
    cause you r not, baby you r not mine

    oh my gosh im havin a melt down
    and hipervenalting
    u r sexy
    oh my gosh i'm crazy about you
    you r makin me sweaty
    and i want to jump to my feet

    everytime i look in eyes baby you make me crazy
    i love you
    you no i do

    cause i love you
    cause i love you
    cause i love you
    cause i love you
    cause i love you
    cause i love you

    and everthing you do i am crazy about you!!!

    i love you caleb
    All of the Avatar's I've used on this site I've made myself. I had a blue Triforce one that I got from a beta screenshot of Ocarina of Time and snazzied up, and then I use this animated jumping ChuChu, which I also made by taking screenshots of Minish Cap on Visual Boy (a Gameboy Advance emulator).
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