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    Axle Facts

    Axle Facts: Legend of Zelda Jokes Post well known facts about Axle the Beast here and his crazy skills in Zelda games! (This is a play on Chuck Norris Jokes, but with a Zelda spin) Here's a few examples: Axle is so overpowered that a minimalist run for him is equivilent to a 100%. When Axle...
  2. Caleb

    Majora's Mask HELP: A List Of Cool Stuff In Majora's Mask

    Was copy-pasting for the text colors, sorry. Fixed it. =)
  3. Caleb

    Majora's Mask HELP: A List Of Cool Stuff In Majora's Mask

    Those are both false. I just checked all of the songs on the Black and White Boes and none of them do that. Only the Song of Storms works on the Jinx, just double-checked that too. To get the Bomber's Notebook, you can either play Hide & Seek with them again, or you can simply use the password...
  4. Caleb

    Majora's Mask HELP: A List Of Cool Stuff In Majora's Mask

    Ahh. I saw people talk about this repeatedly, but didn't understand how it came about. Just checked. Sure enough. That's pretty sweet. =) Kinda figures. I think I've actually done that before but forgot about it. Thanks!
  5. Caleb

    Majora's Mask HELP: A List Of Cool Stuff In Majora's Mask

    Hello everyone, I don't spend much time on the forums, but I was hoping for a little help from all of you. :) I'm in the midst of working on the Majora's Mask Video Walkthrough here at ZeldaDungeon and I feel fairly knowledgeable about the game. Majora's Mask is filled with all kinds of little...
  6. Caleb

    Sex Ed Taught at Younger Ages??

    Children do need to be taught about sex and not have the more important details left out. You're right, that's lame and I'm sorry you had that experience at your school. However, it really shouldn't be the school's responsibility to teach about sex, since back in the good old days, that was the...
  7. Caleb

    Why I Love ZD

    Hmm, well, I don't really have much to say about the forums cause I don't use them very often... Awkward... I love ZD because I originally got into the online Zelda world rating fan-fictions as well as writing walkthroughs and guides for a website I had at the time. It ended up being hard to run...
  8. Caleb

    MM Money

    Shellshocker beat me to it. Yes, those are the fastest ways to get money. Majora's Mask is full of little tricks and cool spots, but most of them only give you ranging from 10-30 Rupees. The juicy spots all give you 200. Here's the main good spots I can think of off the top of my head (most of...
  9. Caleb

    Ocarina of Time Farore's Wind: Useless?

    Thanks guys, that gives me some stuff to think about. I'll try to keep it in mind as I'm recording the video walkthrough and point out cool places to use it. If anyone else comes up with ideas, please let me know in this thread :)
  10. Caleb

    Ocarina of Time Farore's Wind: Useless?

    I've always snagged it because I like to complete the game 100%, but I've never actually used it other than to play around with it. >.> Have any of you ever really used it to your advantage? I'd like to show how it could be useful, but thus far, I have no idea of any places in the dungeons...
  11. Caleb

    In OoT when Can You Get the Ice Arrows?

    Bottom line for the Gerudo Training Grounds: You need 7 keys to get the Ice Arrows. There's 9 keys total. You need one or two of the items from the temples in order to get each key. So for example, there's a room where you need the Iron Boots and Zora's Tunic (Ice Cavern) and there's a room...
  12. Caleb

    Scarecrow's Song

    I've made mine the Elegy of Emptiness from Majora's Mask before, just with an added note (need 8 total): ---------------------(^)--------- -----(<)-----------------(<)----- -(>)-----(>)-----(>)------------- (+1?) -------------(v)----------------- --------------------------------- Right now...
  13. Caleb

    Favorite MM boss? (excluding Majora's Mask)

    Wow. The title really threw me off: "Favorite MM boss (excluding Majora's Mask)" I was thinking: Favorite boss in Majora's Mask except for the bosses in Majora's Mask...?! I voted for Odolwa, mainly because he has the most unique strategy and array of attacks. I find him the most fleshed out...
  14. Caleb

    Oot help

    http://www.zeldadungeon.net/Zelda05-ocarina-of-time-walkthrough-07.php#PhantomGanon Here is a direct link to the Phantom Ganon boss battle in the Ocarina of Time site walkthrough I wrote.
  15. Caleb

    Scarecrow's Song

    Also remember, you make the song as a child, but you have to return and talk with the other Scarecrow to make the song work. Pierre won't show up if you haven't "activated" the song. Stupidest thing in the world, isn't it?
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