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    Are you doing any more entries in the music comp'?
    Well I'm thinking that you could probably contact someone like Stemage or Metroid Metal about your work. It's really good and I bet they'd help promote you if you shared some of your work. Just suggestion ;)
    Well that's still cool!

    I saw that you do other stuff on guitar besides Legend of Zelda tracks. Thing for Metroid too. Have you heard of Harmony of a Hunter or the 101% Run?
    that's why I asked, because it sounds like a live drum set! you have a great formula to record your music- keep it up! I submitted a song in the song contest too...can't wait to hear all the zelda covers :) I will be on the lookout for Dark World!
    Hey there, just watched your guitar cover- it's awesome. Do you play drums as well? What equipment/software do you use to record? It sounded great.
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