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  • Nice, lol it's funny cause I don't spend much time over at the ZE forums... I'm usually over here. But maybe once they get the chatbox up at ZE I might see ya over there XD maybe i shouldn't have told ya about the CB.. oh well.
    Hi Bendi_Link it's nice 2 meet ya. an yeah, I'm am article writer for Zelda Eternity. Feel free to message me =)
    i like your signature a lot!
    its Awesome and true
    if i understand it
    which i think i do
    the michrophone explodes shattering the mols
    either drop the its like de la o or get the Bleep of the comode
    wit a sure shot
    sure ta make the bodies drop
    drop and don't copy yo don't call this a co-op
    terror rains drenchin, quenchin' the thirst of tha ower don
    that five sided fist-a-gon
    the trigger's cold, empty your purse

    Bulls on parade
    album: evil empire
    Rage Against the Machine
    why do i kepp getting these reputation points -11 what the heck!!!!

    who gave me the one about the controversial link pants stuff? i summon thee to show thyself.. XD
    Nice!! har nesten aldri møtt zelda fans som er fra norge!
    jeg bor i trondheim, enn du?
    Thanks you're right i have never herd it form a Norwegian
    Welcome to the forums, Bendi Link. I hope you enjoy your stay here~

    I just want to say that if you want to say hi to the people of the forums, you need to create your own thread. Not post hello in someone elses.
    Here you go Bendi!
    Tell me if you want ANY changes.
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