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  • If someone was mad at you, then thats your problem. I was not mad that you sweared but, that you were swearing in a place where we can't, just cuz you're staff. If theres a problem then its your fault not mine.
    I know right. I need to get on skype more.
    Jo I have come back! And posted a storm!
    T_T yeah... The only way a big game can works out is if all players play relatively active and everyone has a enough attention span to go back and read hundreds of posts.
    I was hoping you and I would get on the mafia team together lol, sucks that I ended up mafia and you the cop, I had to go uh... hide XD

    You didn't lynch the person I wanted T_T Poor HoT. Oh well, another person closer to a mafia win :D

    Hey good luck to a nice smooth newbie mafia game, I heard you are the next mod.
    Just throwing it out there, apparently I can't send VM's back to you Zelda_8. But you dont need to know the theme in order to play the game. I vaguely remembered MM, The only think I know about Batman is that he has a sidekick named Robin, and I just got finished in two themed games that was based off of a fan fiction of a story that was lost a long long time ago... if you are "Link-Hero" Then you can take your role of hero and work with it from there... you do not necessarily need to know who Link is.

    And when in doubt... that's why we created the zeldawiki! www.zeldawiki.org
    BSR, can you untheme Beginner Mafia 2? The only reason I didn't sign up for Mafia 4 was because it's themed (I didn't play MM). Same with Mafia 5 (know nothing about Batman). And I didn't play WW either :( It might prevent others from joining too.
    Me and Axle were sneaky >: D . But it could be anyone game at this point, I'm eager to see how it turns out, I'm sure it will be entertaining. All the modkills really did a number on this game though :/
    Oh lol, I was meaning anything to do with my death. But your posts investigation and what not, such as your distrust of Axle all the way through the game. :)

    I was also quite concerned that you might investigate me O_O
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