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  • I've kept my old one within my profile picture........

    What have you played recently? AOL? or Animal Crossing?
    Hello angelikd! So what's up? In case you had not noticed, I changed my avatar. I want to know wich one do you prefer.
    Yes I did say I could explain it, but you haven't pmed me yet. :P Anyway, I joined under the name of a girl "Fumika" then changed it to Tetra just because I thought I could make friends easier and become popular. But then I realized I was lying to God and to myself, and so I decided to come out with the truth of me being a guy and all.
    ...that is very NOT cool! :mad::mad::mad: ...Someone put me a bad rep on the ''who would win'' thread about the last post I did. It says: ''False facts'' But they aren't any false facts!!! :mad::mad::mad: Maybe I just didn't specified my arguments enough...but that is really not cool! After all, it's just an opinion thread! It was my opinions about it! It's really disappointing when people gives you bad rep and there is no reason. It is just awful!!! :devil::devil::devil:
    Yeah. I posted the message on my own profile by error. ...so that means I am Error!
    lol :xd:

    Yeah. On this thread, I posted my opinion and arguments, but there is like all the three people after me who took back and demolished my arguments...
    But like I said, I'll come back strong next time, you'll have to check it!
    Hello! What are you doing now? Did you play AOL again?

    And you people really did destructed me out there on the ''who would win'' thread. I mean, just go check it! Here is the link! : http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/showthread.php?t=5315&page=5
    But I swear I'll come back with real power!!! And this time, you'll have to admit: Yeah, he's right after all..

    Anyway, hello!
    I'm atheist, and I'd get into debates with religious people. Threatening people's (parents') faith was seen as taboo. I even had an evolution thread deleted! Meh.

    Debates on any other subject were fine, of course. Plus all these 'christ in your heart' sigs. If I made an atheist sig, Mases would probably ban me again for 'forcing my beliefs on people'. Well anyway, it's his site so it's his rules.
    Haha, yep. For 6 months the last time, usually cos of disagreements with Mases over topics to do with atheism. I gotta be careful!
    no, never heard of them. Breaking Benjamin has a lot of good tunes. About anything off their Phobia album is good. They got a new single on their myspace that is good too, so their new CD coming out next month should be good. Evil Angel, Breath, So Cold, Diary of Jane, and Away are some of the ones I like most.
    Yeah. Love the difficulty too. :D ...Love that game too! :D lol :lol: You got the hammer? It was not too difficult for you to beat those monsters? (Goriyas, I think...)
    I don't really have a favorite. It used to be Red Hot Chili Peppers, but being in this band I haven't played their stuff in a long time. I'd say it would be them still though, and Breaking Benjamin.
    Yeah the Dio one isn't great. Of course it is the original, but Killswitch does it so much better. The Resident Evil Apocalypse soundtrack is what got me into them in the first place with End of Heartache being on there.
    Yeah. We are actually doing a cover of Holy Diver. My Curse is really good too, and it came down between those two and Holy Diver is just epic. I really like End of Heartache as well. I know all three on bass so whichever one worked for me, but Holy Diver is just epic, like I said.

    I've been here for a little over a year. Joined in May of 08.
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