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  • Well each of us were influenced by different people. But as a band, generally Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Killswitch Engage, Submersed... Those are a few. Mainly BB. Before I started this band, I hadn't listened to them much. Then our lead singer got me into them pretty big. I was always a standard tuning, Red Hot Chili Peppers kinda guy... Then, I got in this band and started messing around with Drop C tuning. I love it though. Its fun.
    Thanks. I agree, Crooked Wings is our best tune. But as I said, we have a new drummer plus a lead guitarist now. Those recording were done with no lead guitarist, and a drummer who was really new to drums. We are going to definitely be righting "harder" stuff. Our new lead guy has always played metal mainly, of course we're not going to be a straight metal band, but there will be a metal feel to some of it.
    www.myspace.com/obeytheband Follow that link, it'll take you to my band's page. But the recordings and videos we have on there are from our old lineup. Me, Tyler, and Matt. Now, we replaced matt with a new drummer and gained a lead guitarist so things are gonna probably end up sounding better next time we record.
    I've just been taking a look at your site! It looked cool! I also checked the evolution of Tingle trougouht the games!

    Anyway, I have to sleep now.
    Yeah. AOL really rocks.

    You liked the post I made? Thanks :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    I'll have to go sleep now, see you tomorrow!
    Ah! Ok, but I'll get TBF anyway. I want ALL Zeldas! (They aren't really Zeldas, but Tingle is a character in Zelda)

    I'll take a look at your site.

    And now, did you had time to play AOL again?
    Yeah. I agree with you. It's a very very fun game. The difficulty in this game is what makes you do it again and again. I don't like it when people say:''I don't want to play this game, it's too hard!'' Like you often say: They judge a book by its cover. Yep. That's what I think.

    And I don't know if you noticed, but I added two games in my signature! Have a look and tell me if I'm right to put them! :)
    You're levelling up? So you have beaten the first boss? (I think his name his Horsehead) Did you have trouble? What are your levels now?

    I beat that game recently. It was fun! Someone told me that there isn't really a second quest :(, but he wasn't sure.

    I'll go to bed soon. Goodnight!
    Yeah. I know the triforce meant we had beaten the game, but does he do anything special (altough you said you don't know much about it)

    So,you're playing it right now for the first time? Do you like it? Where are you at? The begining? The end?
    You're back! I was wondering something. Yesterday I beat LOZ quest #2 and now I want to play AOL but when I write ''Zelda'' as my name, that does nothing. Also, what does the triforce symbol mean next to a name in the file selection screen?

    So, is there a quest 2 in AOL?
    I tried to see the thread you wrote, but it's not there. Maybe it has been erased by Petman during the attacks...

    So you get your games on ebay? And what about amazon? Is it good too?

    And about Michael Jackson... I really liked his songs! :) Too bad that he died because of that foolish Doctor Conrad Murray... :mad::devil: I read that he administrated MJ a propofol thing at 25% (wich was the lethal dose), after he stayed five minutes and then he left him alone to go do phone calls... :mad::devil: I was awaiting MJ's return impatiently!!! :cry:

    I think you may already know this, but anyway... :cry::kawaii:

    Also, I noticed you answered pretty much all of my threads. And about your posts: you really come up with strong arguments in them! :nod:
    Then you have pretty much all of them. Where did you get them? Did you buy it when they came out?

    By the way, mind if you answer the rest of my post? I don't like to feel like wasting time writting it, so answer, please.

    One another thing: What's the story behind your avatar? Anyway, I think it is unique and look a bit cool. I think it represents you. Now when I read posts in the forums, I always recognize you when I see it!
    Psh your avatar makes me sad.

    50 chars ;/
    Me I'm in Quebec, Canada. It was about 1 in the morning when I posted it.) French is my first languge by the way.

    I will take a look at what you wrote in my threads. (if you did wrote something)

    So, is Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland is on the DS? Is it really a fun game? I know lots of people find Tingle annoying. But me I think he's a great character, and you? Do you know where I could get that game? (I want ALL Zelda, even the Tingle's games! You might have noticed it in my signature, isn't it?)
    And do you know where I could get Zelda games? (site webs, etc.)

    Me my top 5 is:

    5.Maybe LOZ or AOL (can't really decide for now)

    And what are the Zelda games that you own?
    Hello! So, did you take at look at my posts and threads?

    And I would like to know what are your top 5 in Zelda games.

    You remember I said: ''So, goodnight! See you tomorrrow! (or the day after!)''

    Actually, we were already today when I said that!
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