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  • Hey man, I didn't make it myself, sorry dude. I found it on a website and also thought it was pretty cool:)
    Sorry for my late response. :P Thank you for your compliments. ^^ I bought it from a local dealer that sells harps. Nothing special, haha.
    Just checked some of them out, pretty good :)
    We have music competitions here sometimes, I've never participated but I'm pretty sure there is a thread for it around here somewhere.
    Awesome, you must be pretty good at it then. Can you play any Zelda songs?
    No problem, if you ever have another huge signature and need it resized just give me the url, I know how to use tinypic to get it the right size and everything.
    Hey Alex. Not up to much at the moment, just assignments and Internet. What are you doing this morning/evening/afternoon?
    Hey, I hate to repeat myself and would really rather not, but you best change your signature to the smaller version I provided...otherwise I imagine you'll eventually get in trouble for having a crazy big sig.
    Hmmm, you didn't use tinypic right when you were attempting to resize that signature of yours...so here.

    Haha, thank you. I was pretty lucky to get those views, though. I uploaded it before the game came out, and as a result I was, to my knowledge, the first person to learn that song on harp... There are now people much more deserving of those views, including my own improved version, haha. I'm sure if you start uploading songs from trailers of the next game before it's out, you'll get views, too. ^^

    Also, I totally forgot about this, but you should check out ZD's music competition. There's a new theme every few weeks. Sometimes (such as this week) covers are allowed, so you could probably come up with a good Zelda theme to play.
    That image is breaking my page, maybe just edit it out and put the url instead or something, thanks. From what data I have the maximum dimensions for a YouTube Background are 1501 x 1828 though, and since that image is 1600 x 500 I would say it works.
    Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and A Link to the Past. Good choices on your end.

    How long have you been playing the piano? Always wanted to get around to it but never did.
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