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  • G'day, just chilling at home :) Doing some Japanese Language study and homework and browsing the Internet. What are you doing?
    You're welcome. I'm glad that you liked my comment! ^^ I can't wait to hear those songs. I subscribed to you (I'm TwilightWakerofTime) so I'm looking forward to hearing them.
    I'll check it out after school :) and I'm not planning on selling the rare stuff.
    Heading out now, talk later :)
    You're welcome...feel free to use the resized version of your signature now though, hmmm.

    This is my Zelda collection:
    All of my Zelda Stuff - Blogs - Dungeon Gaming Network
    Since then I have TP and WW special edition on GCN, some Symphony merch and Hyrule Historia (it's awesome).
    Thank you :)
    My first Zelda game was OoT3D (I wish I started playing Zelda earlier), since then I have every main Zelda game aside from Oracle of Ages and 4 Swords Adventures. I'm playing through Minish Cap and Twilight Princess at the moment :) Have you kept all of yours?
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    There you have it...maybe check out the rules if you haven't yet, they'll help you avoid any possible future troubles, I'm sure you don't want to get infected or anything.
    Aha, no I was only kidding. :P You can ignore Pancake, though. He terrorizes children in his sleep. :dry:
    Hmmm, you're new here clearly...well just a heads up, your signature is way too big, maybe resize it or something--or rather, I'll resize it for you.

    Hey, you're welcome for the warm welcome :)
    My favourites so far are Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time. I haven't finished any of your top three yet so things might change for me. I hope to see you stick around, you seem like a cool guy :)
    I actually really appreciate the name Atticus. It is derived from Atticus Finch, a character from my all time favorite book "To Kill a Mockingbird." But of course, Pancake, you wouldn't know.
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