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Zelda Vs. Mario

Zelda Vs. Mario: Nintendo's Mascot?

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Jul 15, 2011
I prefer the Zelda series over the Mario series but Mario is more appealing to the young kids because of his innocent look. It is also known that Mario is in many more games than Link and therefore has been seen by more gamers. These are few of the many reason that Mario is Nintendos Mascot.


Hello Sweetie!
Jun 18, 2011
I would love for it to be Zelda, but I would have to say Mario is Nintendo's mascott. I played Mario for several years before I even found out about Zelda and I think it's probably similar for most people.
Feb 1, 2011
I chose Mario, because when I think of Nintendo I randomly get a picture of Mario in my head.
Who would of known, I was looking up Nintendo pictures, and here was the first one I saw.
Jan 27, 2011
i'm going to go with Mario because when i play my games i would love it to be as unrealistic as humanly possible andthe Mario games does that by a long shot compared to Zelda because it's where Nintendo logic shines the most


Stardust Crusaders
Feb 15, 2010
Seasons in the Abyss [Minnesota]
As much as I would like to say Zelda, I really have to say Mario. Super Mario really is the face of Nintendo, he has always been the console seller, he was their first game, and he is really expendable. Now this is not me saying what series is better, I am just saying what I believe id the true face of Nintendo. Now Mario has a few things going for it, expend ability and simply because his games are easy to pick up and play. I will try to prove why Mario is truly deserving of the title of Mr. Nintendo.

First of all Mario is very expendable as he can make various spin offs and still make them feel like a Mario game. mean seriously when people say they want to see a Zelda Kart or a Zelda sports game is really disappointing to me because they want Zelda to be something it's not. Zelda has always been a whimsical adventure game about exploration and wonder while the Mario series has always been a variety of things it could be a platformer, a high paced racing game, or even a strategic RPG. Let's take Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for example it was almost completely different from the Mario games that preceded it and it still felt like a proper Mario game, unlike when Nintendo tried to do something different with Zelda II: the Adventure of Link and it wasn't received that highly. Which is why the Zelda series can't change to drastically for it to be a "proper" Zelda game.

Next I would like to talk about is how easy Mario is to pick up and play. Mario games are especially easy to pick up and play because it has almost the same controls in every game, A to jump, B to run and and other actions, and the D-pad to move. While Zelda is constantly changing in terms of controls, let's take the unreleased Skyward Sword which has motion controls where you control your sword and shield with the Wiimote and nun chuck, it's not like you can go to play Ocarina of Time and still expect it to play the same way. Mario is the better choice for casual gamers because it is easy to pick up and play, and it will probably stay that way.

In conclusion, as much as I love Zelda, I really have to give the award of Mr. Nintendo to Mario himself for all the reasons listed above and more. Honestly, I think there is no reason to think that Link has or will be Mr. Nintendo ever, I am seriously, when you think of Nintendo do you really think of Link? Well, i you read this far, thanks! I really hope you enjoyed my post and have an outstanding night!


May 21, 2011
i have to say mario, because most of the time when people think nintendo, they think Mario. You know, Super Mario 64, DS, ect, Mario Kart whatever, stuff like that. when i talk nintendo with my regular friends, they think mario and stuff. not zelda.

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