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Zelda I Soundtrack: Corrupted! + More


i got bored and posted something
Apr 13, 2009
Pacific Northwest
I made this a while back and decided, hey, might as well post this for anyone interested.

I was inspired to do this from watching Vinesauce Corruptions (if you haven't checked that out, I highly recommend them). The music would get so weird and distorted, and could become so funny to listen to. There was also a hint of vaporwave influence as well, but only in ways of structure and not so much the a e s t h e t i c or whatever

So I set out to distort and warp music soundtracks. I did stuff that was kinda like this before. I created a concept album called Dynamic Industries Incorporated, and it even has a sequel. Sequel is better, imo. The basic concept was taking the ambient tracks of the Ocarina of Time soundtrack and give them simple drum loops and douse them effects. The results were mixed, but I like how a lot of them came out.

The first "corrupted" music I ever did was the Super Mario Bros. 2 Soundtrack. That's still one of my favorites to go back to. Then from there I did the original Metroid soundtrack. And then this one happened:

So, obviously, as these are "corrupted" soundtracks, its not meant to be like, pleasant to listen to. The concept was to make it sound as broken as possible. Some will sound worse than others, some are louder than others, there's piercing high pitched noises at parts. It can be a mess. Which was the point. :P

So yeah, thought I might just shill my stuff out on here since it relates to Zelda in some way. All criticism/pointers/discussion is appreciated!

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