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ZD Legend/Champion Requirements


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May 6, 2012
Sydney, Australia
I have updated the ZD Legends and ZD Champions based on September activity for existing ZD Legends and Champions.

From this month, those wishing to be considered to become a ZD Champion may like this post (or subsequent posts of mine) if they believe they have met the requirements set in the OP (making at least 30 posts, including at least one thread in the included forums set in the OP).

OP said:
Monthly Requirements Check
Each month a forum staff member will check the requirements for each existing ZD Legend and ZD Champion and then make a post in this thread to confirm that the checking has been completed. Other members wishing to become a ZD Champion who believe they have met the above requirements may "like" the staff member's post to be considered. Unfortunately this is not an automatic process so this will generally happen in the first few days of the month unless in exceptional circumstances. If you feel a mistake has been made in judging the criteria please contact an Administrator or Community Coordinator 7 days after leaving a 'like' on their post or after having lost your ZD Champion or ZD Legend status.
Feel free to post any questions in this thread.

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