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Game Thread Yu Yu Hakusho Mafia

Mikey the Moblin

sushi is a suspicious hello
Aug 31, 2014
southworst united states
Because Doctor is very common in vanilla mafia setups yet Killjoy was still successfully killed after a ninja self bussed
The logical conclusion is that if they did bus rag they were certain that they'd be able to kill Killjoy

So either they have a roleblocker and managed to spot a doctor soft somewhere or they have a strongman and pierced through the doctor
sure, they could've taken chances and shot the tracker without any decent plan but that's a disproportional risk to take because Killjoy was an obvious doctor target, and it just seems unlikely for an already at disadvantage mafia to do that
what do you think the whole setup looks like then


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I mean it could have fancier roles but I think it kinda escapes the idea that it's a vanillaish setup

a custom role or a less common one like a bus driver could add something to it but I'm not sure I have enough evidence to speculate that rn


cotton candy
May 31, 2022
Was Rag's self vote after Killjoys claim? I have never seen her throw a game like that and I'm actually fairly shocked

If they have a Strongman they might've bussed her to gain instant towncred
it was after that. the claim is on page 6 the selfvote is page 10


cotton candy
May 31, 2022
Interesting that Rag's scumbuds didn't try to save her. Unless it was planned like Ex said. Could see Neon being scum and voting there. Rubik also does like to do some crazy plays sometimes. Though I can't remember if he busses or not.

Mikey is still very meh to me. Could see him doing what I said yesterday about waiting to vote on a scumbud to find out what was going on.

Seanzie not voting is pretty interesting too. I feel like he always votes? But maybe I'm wrong.
tbh I think that no one would go out of their way to save someone who selfvoted for basically no reason

I had same thought on Neon. I know Neon has a bussing mindset however I don't think Neon's vote makes Neon scum in and of itself.

Mikey's abrasiveness reminds me of himself in the Square Enix game so I actually have a townlean on him.

I do consider Rubik spewed, Rag started out the game joining their wagon putting it to three votes and I can't see a player who is apparently polarized and hates being scum so much they selfvoted join their teammates's wagon to survive. Counterargument is rag might have attempted to spew Rubik and expected the wagon to disappear but still. also I think Rubik genuinely wanted Rag dead and this was before the self vote. Even if Rag didn't want to survive i think it's better to try for a mislynch there

If Sean's inactivity continues today he is probably scum. I've seen him do the D1 inactive thing a lot as town then becomes more involved later on but as scum I've seen him continue this past D1


cotton candy
May 31, 2022
Rubik being honest about Rag's meta makes me want to stick with the spew read more


cotton candy
May 31, 2022
Yeah seconding Ex that the way that wagon developed was super weird, it being a planned bus makes a lot of sense. I feel like Neon PLing self-voters is something she's mentioned she tries to do before though? So I feel like with that in mind her vote is probably NAI. I think it being to save Rubik looks a bit more likely personally? Rubik was leading till Rag's self-vote so it'd probably make sense depending on his role.
Vote: Rubik

At this point I'm pretty sold on the whole "Seanzie is a Jester" theory I had at the end of yesterday. His openning three posts are weird, plus the incongruency of posts 125 and 149 being right after each other feels very intentional, in addition to the bit I mentioned yesterday.
I have never ever seen scum self vote to save their teammate, it would just out both of them so it's too obvious to be teammate indicative.

This is probably not jester indicative for Sean. he literally does it as either alignment. Although if this keeps up today he is probably mafia for meta reasons

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