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Breath of the Wild Your Zelda Wii U Idea.


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May 26, 2010
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Storyline: Make it a love story that doesn't suck.
Gameplay: TP 2.0 (hidden skills included, obviously)
Enemies: ALttP or higher
Puzzles: Nothing less than OoA
Gameworld: Nothing less than OoT/ALttP (meaning, nonlinear even if it requires OoBing). Also, make it a world, not level sets.

Everything else? Chocolates. IDK just give me some good ol' classic Zelda.

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Jun 27, 2013
Story line: 2 heros Link and Zelda
Game play: Link regular control Zelda gamepad hidden skills for both players.
Enemies: combination of enemies from diffrent series.
Game World: more places to explore in Hyrule (you can got to the underworld, skyloft, the good old ground and diffrent worlds).
Puzzels: Boss key puzzles, Master Sword puzzel.
Transformation: you can transform into a goron, zoran, a wolf from twilight princess a skyloft from the Skyward sword.
Master sword powers: water earth fire and air
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May 18, 2013
Storyline: Quest for the Triforce!
Gameplay: WW/TP
Game world: Land version of WW World, make it as "dense" as SS world.
Dungeons: Give us more flexibility in their order completion than OOT but don't make it as far as Mega Man in non-linearity.
Companions: NO!
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Feb 5, 2011
Storyline: Return of Ganon (Child timeline)
Gameplay: Twilight Princess with some Skyward Sword elements mixed in
Game World: Twilight Princess with some Skyward Sword Dense-ness
Enemies: ALTTP and beyond, includes Darknuts with Iron Knuckles, Moblins (pig version), Gibdos, etc.
Companion: Princess Zelda's spirit


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Feb 9, 2013
Trapped in Darkness :(
I think we should just wait until the game is announced and released to find out cause otherwise it just leads to arguments like what I keep having deal with lately. I've already decided to stop talking about my ideas on this site since my theories keep getting argued upon like crazy, like my theory about Demise and Shadow Link, my ALBW theory, and some others in the past.
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Aug 9, 2013
Story: sealing malladus for the first time
Gameplay: WW+ST+SS+OoT
Game world: New Hyrule
Companion: The Hero's Spirit

Story: sealing malladus for the first time
Gameplay: WW+ST+SS+OoT
Game world: New Hyrule
Companion: The Hero's Spirit
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Dec 17, 2011
Story: Zelda as the main character, set between Twilight Princess and Four Swords Adventures
Gameplay: A mix of Wind Waker HD and Ocarina of Time 3D.
Villains: Veran, Onox, and Twinrova. Hopefully making Zelda the hero and changing up the timeline will allow more flexibility with the storyline.
Items: Bring back the Beetle!
Companions: None

Another idea I had was a potential Four Swords game. Again, Zelda will be the main character, who is controlled with the Wii U GamePad, while the four Links are controlled with other controllers.


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Nov 12, 2007
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I haven't really thought through my own scenario, Nintendo developers are paid good money to do it for me, get to it! But, I'd like them to just go wild, really. Do something radical and different, don't just follow the cheat sheet Zelda games typically tend to use. Lots of games are trying new things these days, whether for better or worse, and another game like SS and my interest in the series will just plummet.

So, impress me Nintendo! Is all.


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Jul 20, 2013
Story: Something dark and epic, and if there's something of a love story, don't make it s***ty.
Gameplay: Like Twilight Princess but mixed in with Wind Waker HD
Villains: Ganondorf. The lesser villains...


Game world: Hyrule (duh). But make Hyrule the size of Skyrim or something.
Enemies: All (except for chus, chu chus, and miniblins).
Art style: Twilight Princess or better.
Mar 3, 2013
Renton WA
I think the next Zelda game needs to take some risks. The franchise is at risk of becoming stale.

The great thing about The Legend of Zelda is that it is a legend. They should take this concept and do something they have never done before. I'm not sure exactly what they should do, but it needs to be different.

The story should be the focus. Make it epic. Make it emotional. Like nothing we have ever seen.

I would like to see fewer puzzles. Or at least fewer puzzles that feel like chores. Focus on exploration instead of pushing blocks and pulling switches.

I don't mind Gannon as the main villain, but I'd like to see the villain (whoever it is) be a real bad dude. Start the game's narrative with a focus on this enemy and show us how bad he is. I'm talking about major carnage here. Kidnapping a princess just doesn't do it for me. I want to see entire towns leveled.

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