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  • Spotify

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Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion

Not sure the hows are within the scope of this thread (doubt Thar minds, but hey)...still, these are the steps.

1. Buy an SD Card (or use the one that comes with 3DS/XL)
2. Put it into your PC's SD Card port (assuming you have one...if not, out of luck)
3. Go to My Computer > USB Drive (might be G: or E: ) > DCIM
4. Make a new folder, title it something like...idk, "Music" or some BS like that
5. Get all your tracks (preferrably mp3 files; I haven't tried any other kind but I believe 3DS accepts AAC) and paste them into Music folder
6. Eject SD Card from PC
7. Place SD Card into 3DS, go to 3DS Music Playe ror w/e the app is called, enjoy sexy music


Staff member
Nov 17, 2011
The Makai
I use iTunes, VLC Media Player, Realtime Player and occasionally Quicktime Player to listen to music at home. It depends on what else I'm going to do/watch that determines which player use at that point in time.

When I'm on the go, it's my iPod Touch but should nostalgia ever creep up on me, I have a Walkman, Discman and MP3 player. All of which I used between the 90's and now!


There you are! You monsters!
Forum Volunteer
Feb 8, 2011
Umm... a radio... why is that not an option!?!?! huh?

Sorry; I didn't really consider music player devices when I made the list. Was mostly thinking of music player software, but either works.

However, radio qualifies under the Other option. ;)

The Nahobino

Aug 18, 2009
My Fantasy World
I can't write without some good background music. I usually turn on WMP or at times just go to Youtube and listen to some songs that I don't own. Most of the time it's WMP.
Oct 16, 2011
If I'm going to be on the computer for a while without needing to stop the music pandora goes on instantly and is what I normally use. If there's just one song I want to listen to I'll pull up youtube and then maybe start a playlist such as I just randomly started whistling The Resistance and now I'm on a muse list. When I want to listen to one of my albums wmp opens up. Had real player then got rid of it because why bother and hate apples stuff. I either buy the cd or download it from a youtube video. Most often I end up buying the cd's for the stuff I get off youtube anyway, safe for game music of course.
As far as portable music goes, I have an 8gb sony walkmen lol. I also have 10 of my favorite songs on my 3ds for emergencies.

Also why isn't windows recorder on the list? Hah, I opened an audio file yesterday in eclipse and that is what it used by default. I discovered that it can play music backwards so I converted stairway to heaven (which comes from yt) to .wav and had a gander. That was odd.

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