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Your Favorite RPGs

Jan 3, 2009
I'd say Pokemon Silver, if I considered it an RPG. When I hear RPG, I think Role Playing Game. As in playing the role of a specified character. In Pokemon Blue, are you forced to have a Pikachu, give up your Squirtle, and steal a Gym Leader's bike? I thought so. I love the game Pokemon Silver, but I don't consider it an RPG. So my favorite RPG is Earthbound. It's funny, quirky, makes a lot of pop culture references, and bases it's final boss off an R-rated murder scene. The graphics are also SUPERB for it's time. It doesn't even need some stupid 32-bit device or Super FX Chip like Super Mario RPG or StarFox. It's also pretty fun to experiment with items and PSI Powers. For instance, let's try using a Protractor. "Ness used the Protractor! Now, Ness can measure angles with ease!" ...and the rowdy mouse smashes him to death. It's a classic, not only for being fun, but also humorous in nature.


Estie d'tabarnak
Aug 4, 2010
I soooooooooo love the Kindom hearts serie..too bad My KH2 cd is to working properly AT THE END OF THE GAME! and I need to buy a new one because I already got it fixed at my local video store...(and re fixing it would kill the game and since the whole game is still playable but somehow slow at parts its fine by me...)


Gone (Wind) Fishin'
Jul 16, 2010
Montreal, QC, Canada
This is a real tough question; you'd have to split it into more specific categories, like these:

Western RPG: Usually contains some sort of leveling system, upgrades, and occasional talent trees, with real-time combat. Examples include Fallout, Mass Effect, etc.

Japanese RPG: Often turn-based and heavily reliant on strategy, party members, and leveling up. Examples include Final Fantasy series, Pokemon series, etc.

MMORPG: Any online game that requires teamwork and social skills, as well as massive amounts of time and effort. EG: World of Warcraft.

My favourite Western RPG is Mass Effect 2, by far, but my favourite JRPG is a much harder choice. Mario and Luigi: Super Star Saga and Chrono Trigger probably take the top prize, with Pokemon coming in pretty close, too.

My favourite MMO is by far WoW, despite the fact that it ruined my life, created horrible addictions and stole my soul for a very long time with enormous repercussions. But man, it sure was fun. :xd:


bullets of pure awesome
Jul 3, 2010
here and there
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. The game is truly a masterpiece. It has plenty of good humor, but it also knows when to be serious. The music is spine-tingling, each piece is unique and fits in with each and every environment. While I'm on the subject of environments, the places you visited were very diverse. One moment you're in a land of perpetual twilight trying to save its citizens from being turned into pigs, the next you're on a ritzy train to solve the mystery behind a sticky, yummy threat. All of Mario's partners are awesome in their own way, and you must use all of their abilities if you are to complete your quest. Oh, and the final boss is seriously epic, easily matching Ganon in terms of evil and awesomeness (I won't spoil it).

Whew, finally got all that out. Didn't mean to rant, but no one comes between me and my TTYD!

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