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Writing Community Competition Week 17

Which story is the best?

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~Dancer in the Dark~
Jan 30, 2010
Writing Community Competition
Week 17
The Water Temple

Yay entries! Enjoy everyone! Don't forget to enter, as we have a new setup to hopefully make the theme easier to udnerstand and kick start some good ideas!



I had come here looking for a home… So I had changed the water to be more suitable for my needs, but the guardians of this place forced be into a small chamber and locked me in. I was once peaceful, but these fish people, these ‘Zora’, did not understand me they could not live in peace with me. I had no choice but to sleep and slept I did.

But now the water awakens me, someone has entered this place. The water cries out against his presence. It senses his intent to expel me from my home. He comes bearing a weapon that was forged long ago. His very presence in my water is pure torture. He also has something crafted by the Zora I know not what it does only that it exists.

He was entered my chamber… It is now clear to me that he was not alone; he has a small fairy with him. I retreat to a shadowy corner, hoping that he thinks nothing is here. I have no such luck as he looks into the pool and jumps to one of the four platforms in the center. He shall learn his error in coming here. He will face my wrath… The wrath of Morpha!

Axle the Beast

The Temple is Alive

"This is your first time in the Water Temple, right children?" I asked. They nodded energetically. "Do you want to hear a scary story about it?"

The kids reluctantly agreed.

"Hee hee, alright... Well this is a story from a long time ago. You remember the stories about the Hero of Time, right? This was during his time. Back then the Water Temple was a really dangerous place. It was filled with blue tektites, the kind your teachers have warned you to watch out for. But that's not the scary part... Humans tell all kinds of stories about the dangers of the water, and while we zora are excellent swimmers, even we fear powerful tides and dangerous water beasts. But the danger of the Water Temple was different. People who went in had to face a unique kind of evil. The temple was ALIVE. The water of the temple itself hunted those who intruded. It wouldn't matter how good a swimmer you were. The water would drown you. Even if you were on dry ground, the water would follow you and drown you on land. The entire temple was one living, breathing monster..."

Rali stopped me, tugging on my arm. She was crying. I was disappointed, but I guess the story was too much for them.

"Alright, that's enough then," I said, grinning. "Go to sleep now. We'll swim back in the morning."

As they slept, I felt uneasy. It was foolish of me to tell the story I'd tried so hard to forget. It had been real; I'd lived it. Morpha was the one who froze me. In the dim light, I glanced into the dark water below. I remembered that Link had killed Morpha, but I felt no better. The Water Temple would always feel... alive... to me...


Link groaned as he surfaced from the underwater tunnel. This room was almost identical to the others. The days he’d spent here had blurred together, a swirl of keys, enemies, and stagnant water.

When had he last slept? The air was dank, and the dry patches of floor were only relatively so. He’d tried to rush through, hoping to sleep elsewhere. But rushing was forbidden. Time ran slowly here, like dripping water. The stifling atmosphere’s reign was absolute. Link’s blue tunic, the Zoras' gift, clung wetly to his skin, the temple's own subtle claw, crushing him into its ageless rhythm. His head drooped as he advanced mechanically to the next room.

He barely noticed the dark figure until their swords clashed.

This room was different. Link caught glances of mist and dead trees as he struggled to defend himself. Struggled to stay awake.

"Give up," the shadow growled.

With a start, Link recognized his enemy as himself.

“Never,” he said.

“You’re killing yourself!" the shadow said desperately. “GIVE UP!”

Link answered with his sword. Again and again.

The Master Sword felt heavy with the weight of lives: friends and strangers at Ganondorf’s mercy. Link could feel them, the enormous responsibility, with every slash. He was their last hope.

Finally, the mighty sword’s tip rested inches from the shadow’s throat.

“Impossible,” it said. “I should’ve won. But mark my words, if I die now, that sword will spell your death later.”

“Don’t die,” Link said, lowering his blade. “Trust.”

The face changed. Link was staring at his own reflection in a pool of water.

“You’re awake!” Navi said.

Link stood up, blinking. He’d… fallen asleep?

He smiled slightly. What if he had? He may not have found all the keys or defeated the boss, but he had already beaten the temple.
Thank you to everyone who entered. Don't forget to vote! Next week...

Writing Community Competition
Week 18

Requirements for the theme are not strict. Interpret it how you like!

Some ideas on what you could write are of course stories about Epona, but you could branch it off to Epona's Song, or to characters who've interacted with Epona, either writing about those interactions, or their effect on the characters. Just some ideas, be creative!

PM me your entries by Sunday, July 3.

Thank you to Axle who helped come up with ideas to make the theme easier for you guys!
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Nov 12, 2010
I enjoyed Axle's and SuperGleeok's the best, but in the end, Axle's was a bit better. I like how he presented better, through the man's point of view, more than Morpha's but good job to all three of you!


~Dancer in the Dark~
Jan 30, 2010
Lol, sorry. I put this up in a rush. XD

July 3rd is the deadline, sorry about that.
Dec 12, 2010
No problem, thanks for updating. I finished my story right away anyway :) Is the 100-300 word limit always the same also?


Todo is the pfuf!
Apr 28, 2011
Deadline ended two days ago. Meegz, you're not an American, so Independence Day delays don't qualify for this. Where is week 18?
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