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Worst Series Directions


Like a sir.
Apr 21, 2012
People were mentioning the combat not being as fast-paced. The sky realm was also kinda shallow, especially compared to the great sea from the WW (I guess people were expecting a great sea 2.0.) A few people mentioned bosses being recycled, which I kinda agree with (Ghirahim was fine; to me it was the imprisoned and scorpion-gohma that needed replacing.) Other than that, it's mostly problems with the treasure system. We shouldn't have to be told what each treasure does every time we start the game. They didn't put us through that in WW, so I don't know why the did that this time. If we really need to know, there's a menu for that.

Some of the arguments are weird, though. I've heard people complaining about the art. Other than Link having a girly face, the game looked good (even great) to me. All in all, I love the game. If they had fixed the above problems, I'd definitely say that it's better than OoT. Which speaks volume for how good the game is already. Although, next time let's see a Zelda within 3 years instead of 5-6 years of the last release.

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