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Who Would Win?

Which Link is the victor?

  • LoZ/AoL Link

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  • A Link to the Past/LA

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  • Ocarina of Time Adult Link

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  • OoT/Majora's Mask Young Link

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  • Wind Waker Link

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  • Twilight Princess Link

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  • Minish Cap Link

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  • Oracle of Seasons/Ages Link

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  • Four Swords Links

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  • Any "Missing Link" I am forgetting

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Mar 20, 2012
Clock Town, Termina
Well, actually, the Link in OOA and OOS is the same Link from ALTTP and LA. Also, the Four Swords Links are 2 different Links in FS and FSA. I think the winning Link would be The Hero of Hyrule from ALTTP, LA, OOS, and OOA.


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
I honestly think that TP Link has the best chances out of any Link. I mean, he took on Zant and after that, Ganondorf...four different times. He has the True Master Sword as well as the Triforce of Courage, PLUS the ability to turn into a beast (note: not sure if he can do it at will or if Midna transforms him; all I know is that dark crystal has to do with it as it is an embodiment of Zant's magic). He's an all around bad mamma jamma, and a feral beast at that.

Oh, and like Vergo said on page one (gosh I wish i could discuss this topic like the 2009 ZDers did..), he has access to the Mortal Draw (I would call it unblockable; no sword technique IS). That doesn't even mention the other Six.


Twilight Princess Lover
With all the skills you learn as you progress through the game I think that Twilight Princess Link would win any day because he lears more skills with the sword then any other Links. Not only that but he also beat up the sub-boss of the entire game and them defeated Ganondorf right after and he also has to forms Beast and Man. He can win either way.

But my second choice would be OoT Link (adult obviously) because he's got to alternatives. Kid or Adult. He is a pretty good fighter and is the only one with the Master Sword. (Well, so do most of the other Links) But he is a great second or even first choice. to me right now this is sounding a bit stupid to me.

But yeah Thanks to the Hero's Shade Link from Twilight Princess would beat them all up. :D:D
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