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Who is Your Favorite ZD Buddy/friend/amigo/amiga

Azure Sage

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This thread seems a lot like the Member Appreciation Thread to me... :mellow:

Anyway, there's no way I could choose ONE favorite member. There are so many people here I just absolutely love and care about, but I'll try to narrow this down.

abichandesu - Abi is one of the best friends I've ever had. We talk about everything from anime to art to everyday life, and anything is fun to talk about with her. She's a very important person to me.

Violet - Vio is like a little sister to me. She's a very sweet and funny girl, and she always brightens my day. Plus she's another great person to fangirl about anime with. I care about her a lot.

mandym287 - Mandy is probably the most creative and interesting person I've ever met. She's been one of my best friends for a long time now, since around the time I joined the site. She's become an irreplaceable friend.

Atticus - atty pls There's never a dull moment with Atty around. I'm almost always laughing and having a good time when talking with her. She's a great friend.

Ventus - Mmmm qimme dat. Van's been a great friend for a long time now. He's a lot of fun to talk Zelda with, among other things. He's been good to me for as long as we've been friends.


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May 28, 2010
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My best friend, Mathias :3 That's PancakeSamurai btw.

I have other friends who I love to talk to also. Gumball (I wish we can talk more often), Mido, and Pendio are some of them. There are people that I look up to. Ventus, Azure, and some others. And there are other people I like talking to. TSter, and Atty for example.

Violet Link

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Feb 18, 2012
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I really can't choose. There are a lot, but here are the top 3, I guess:

Azure Sage- Azure is like a brother to me. He brightens up my day, he's a fun guy to be with and he's cheerful and funny. He's one of the people that I fangirl anime with, and also, he's creative and kind. Azure is also spontaneously random.

Gobli- Gobli is an awesome writer. I love reading his stories and I like talking to him. He's kinda weird, but I like how weird he is. Also, he's cool. :cool:

Atticus- atty-senpai :senpaipls: Atticus is actually pretty motivational to me. Her blogs had made me realized a lot of stuff, and she has the level of spontaneous as Azure's. Atty always makes everything feel happy and she always makes me laugh.


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May 26, 2010
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I guess since it can't be Ventus or Iggy, because they suck, my favourite buddy is Chameleon.

This cannot possibly be true and let me tell you why, Chameleon does not reciprocate love to anything; he merely blends in with the pretense of attracting mates that he later murders. Like a Black Widow Spider, except in human-reptilian form. So with that said, I highly advise you to switch favorite buddies.

Also I gaind a new favorite buddy: Xyphon. Although he hates my guts and then sum, he is still an appreciable young woman and I just find that sort of person to be amazing.


Nov 9, 2010
I can't exactly say that I have a best friend on the site. There are some members that I've talked with more than others, like Azure Sage, Violet, and Go_Skyward, but no one that would really be considered a close friend. I suppose my lack of activity is to blame for that.:S

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Thought that fit.;)

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