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General SSB what's your first smash memory?


Aug 25, 2016
so, like, i've never played a smash game. well.. kinda. i owned SSB Brawl but couldn't play it bc my Dad hacked my Wii. -shrug-

But when did you first play a Smash game? What were your first thoughts of it?
This memory isn't like a first memory because I'd had the game for a while but it's a memory that stands out because it helped me realise how special Smash was gonna be.

So, I was playing Smash 64 with a friend and their mum came into the room to give us some snacks (nice lady) I was playing as Link and my friend was Pikachu and my friend's mum looked at the screen for a moment and asked "is that Pikachu?"

To which my friend replied "yeah, they're all in this one."

They're all in this one... that turn of phrase stuck with me.

The use of they made the Nintendo characters feel as if they needed no introduction and was used as if the mum would know who they were after recognising Pikachu.

And all in this one. This made me realise how others would see Smash. To me, as a Nintendo fan, Smash was already special, but now i understood how others outside of my bubble were going to see it.

Fast forward to just last week and look where we are now and how well it's doing...
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Watching my two older cousins playing the original SSB with two friends of theirs. I was interested in the game but they would hog it. I had friends who had the game and I used to go over to their houses and play multiplayer mode.

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Aug 22, 2018
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First time I ever played Smash Bros I could hardly remember, because my family was visiting another and they happened to have Super Smash Bros Brawl. I don't even remember if I played much, I just remember Pikachu and lightsabers. What really started it for me though was when I got Super Smash Bros Brawl for me and my brothers to play. First match: Link vs. Zelda, Battlefield. Funny thing is that we didn't know about down B or up B or anything so we just used neutral attacks at first lol.


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May 4, 2012
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The summer before 3rd grade, my brother's gamecube had stopped working so my dad said he'd get me my own, we went to La Curacao [department store] and they had gamecubes, but their consoles always came bundled w/ stuff and the gamecube came bundled w/ super smash bros melee, I remember seeing the boxart and being off put by it due to its realism [I was into kiddy cartoony stuff at the time I guess], I even remember thinking if I can ask if I can just skip the game and only get the system but I decided not to ask, we went ahead and got it

when I first began to play it, I was really confused by all the menus, my brother directed me to events mode and then eventually classic mode, and for a long while that was all I ever did, I didn't know I can play standard melee matches w/ myself, I thought that was multiplayer only, so my first memories of the game revolve around me slowly figuring out how things work and eventually unlocking characters and stages, over the years I would play the game constantly and I'm SUPER glad I never asked if I can just skip the game back when I originally got it [I kinda don't think I would've been able to anyway but still]
After coming back from vacation in Poland in the summer of 2007 with my grandma and my younger brother, I found out my older brother bought a game called Super Smash Bros. Melee. I played it, and I instantly fell in love. I beat Classic and All Star with every character and every Event Match before school started up again in August. It was truly a magical time.


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Oct 13, 2013
Beating the crap out of pikachu in Melee with Link, Fox and Roy. I have played 64 but much later. I didn't own that many N64 games.

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