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What Skyward Sword Has Become of the Zelda Franchise.

I think it will be the game that perfected motion controls. Even though the controls aren't perfect they almost are and it shows that motion controls can truly be for everyone.

The thing about the beginnings though i thought that this beginning was probably one of the best beginnings ever if not THE best beginning in the series. They manage to explain and show so much in very little time and it makes you want Link to save zelda yourself imo.

Skyward Sword is the game to bring motion control to the masses most successfully at this point but as you stated the controls aren't perfect. Throwing especially irks me. Here's hoping for an even greater Zelda Wii U.
Jul 24, 2011
Pennsylvania, USA
Off topic a bit, but I think Skyward Sword is going to be the Oblivion of the Zelda series. It's definitely the best so far, but there are little bitty details that don't affect the greatness factor but can be improved on. This sort of thing happened with Oblivion to Skyrim. Skyrim fixed pretty much every last nitpick about Oblivion, and I think Zelda WiiU will do the same with Skyward Sword. Whatever small complaint there is about SS, Zelda WiiU will probably not have them.

Now, as far as it being hit-or-miss, yeah, I've noticed that, too. But the only people that hate it seem to be those who don't like motion controls. That's a personal problem and has nothing to do with the game itself, so the reasoning isn't all that legitimate. It's one thing to hate a game because it sucks. It's another to be biased towards it.

I agree with everything that JuicieJ says in this quote.
There's too many fans out there that still giggle like girls for ocarina of time. They got hold of skyward sword and instantly said "OMG HE CAN RUN UP WALLS THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN IN OCARINA OF TIME THEREFORE THIS GAME IS INFERIOR!!!"

Don't get me wrong, OoT is an absolutely fantastic game. But people really need to get the notion that it will forever stand as the greatest game of all time out of their head. It was a child of it's time. It provided great gameplay, awesome graphics, and some pretty nifty game mechanics... for it's generation. There are a lot of things that I enjoy about the game, yet there are also some things that make me cringe. Yet others seem to completely disregard these and still insist that it is absolutely perfect in every way. This plays a part in Skyward Sword's success if you ask me.

There are obviously people out there who don't like it for good reason. but when I hear people saying "I don't like it because I have to re-calibrate" it makes me facepalm. Like the OP said, people are far too nitpicky with it.

But this happened with Wind Waker too. People saw Nintendo take Zelda in a direction opposite to OoT, and they all started hating on it. Years have passed now and people have forgotten that it was cool to hate on Wind Waker. They've got the sheep metality out of their heads now and people have started appreciating it for exactly what it was, a fun and charming little game. I'm sure that, given time, people will begin to recognise the achievements of Skyward Sword too. We just need a few brave people to break out of the 'Skyward Sword isn't Ocarina" club.

Ocarina of Time has stood the test of time as a gaming masterpiece. That being said, I have never believed Zelda to be the best videogame franchise at any point in time. *Anticipates hatred*


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
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Skyward isn't Ocarina, therefore it is inferior. The notion seems legit to me – people have their opinions of what is good and what is bad. I don't stand by that opinion, but it sounds okay.

Anyway, OoT isn't the only game that has ever had a fanbase. When OoT first came out, ALttP fans hated it for what seemed to be forever. They then lightened up and became OoT fans. Subsequent games just haven't, in the minds of the OoT fans, been able to capture that epicness that OoT did. TWW had cartoon graphics which, believe it or not, do detract from a sense of heroism. TP was too easy and to most players, it felt too similar to Ocarina. Skyward Sword is only getting the criticism it is getting because it is new. Eventually, all of the haters will lighten up and become SS fans (or haters still, just toned HEAVILY down) –– I believe at this point in time that Skyward is the next Great Zelda Game because of its reviews and how it actualyl DOES provide an epic feel without being so similar to Ocarina. Bottom line, haters are attracted to anything that is new, and fans of the new things don't defend the new thing half as good as they whine about the haters.

I repeat though, Skyward Sword is only getting the criticism it's getting because it is new. I played the game and it feels nothing like OoT except by way of story (really, the game resembles ALttP because OoT resembles ALttP's backbone [not backstory]). People will jump on the game initially becuase hey, they can and the game is new. New things aren't welcomed into a group all easy peasy, they have to be tested first. We all know that we weren't accepted into whatever circle of friends we currently are in just through being awesome. We had to establish connections with others, and thus circle of friends was born. Same thing with Skyward relinquishing all the hateboys. It'll happen, just over time.
Feb 23, 2011
well having completed the game i dont want to ruin it with any spoilers, so i wont say much, but wasnt it a new team that did work on zelda? remember reading that somewhere where it was a bunch of "young folk" who grew up playing the game.

the other problem is that now we're older. im 23, i got ocarina when i was 10, so i was much more open to getting sucked into the story and environment. now im less inclined to do that and be more critical etc. that and it was not only my first zelda but my first real 3d adventure game. everything i had played up to that point was sonic on the sega etc....

Same. I was 10 when I first played Majora's Mask. Not only was it my first 3D Zelda, it was also one my first 3D gaming experiences in general; I can agree with you on the age thing. Now that I've gotten older, I have become more critical about things I would have surely ignored or dismissed in the past. I think this is a factor for many Zelda fans when newer titles receive critiques, as with Skyward Sword.

I think Skyward Sword has initiated a metamorphosis of the series and is taking it in a new direction. Some here would argue against that, but I would argue that such things take time. Video games are always improving little by little. Even today it is a rarity to see video games make such huge, revolutionary changes from sequel to sequel (not factoring in new console generations). Take The Wind Waker for example; its cel-shaded graphics brought to the series new a new look, while sticking [somewhat] to the traditional Zelda formula. Skyward Sword's leap from the traditional formula did the same, and I am certain the next big leap will occur with Zelda WiiU.

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