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General Art What Kind of Manga Would You Want Me to Make

Storm Fox

Natsu Dragneel
Jun 27, 2013
Main Character:
Main Character Name:
Other Character Names:
World Name:

Snow Queen

Mannceaux Signature Collection
Mar 14, 2013
Grand Rapids, MI
Transwoman (she/her)
Title: Shoutbox
Main Character: :sanec:
Male/Female: Unspecified
Genre: Slice of Life
Main Character Name: Again, :sanec:
Other Character Names: TstertheGreat, Big Octo, PancakeSamurai, Ventus, Locke, Dan, Raindrop14, linkdude74, Atticus, Terminus, Curmudgeon, mandym278
World Name: Hell
Weapons: Octozookas, dracomajoras face, :vaultboy:, fruit snacks
Summary: HNNNG
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Violet Link

takumi was a mistake and so are the S supports
Feb 18, 2012
insert fictional world
That's more like it. =D

Title: The Crossed Stars
Main Character: Ayano Izumi
Male/Female: F
Genre: Supernatural, School Life, Fantasy, Drama
Main Character Name:
Other Character Names: Kakera Rei, Takeru Mika
World Name: Any of your choice
Weapons: Your choice, but idk
Summary: Izumi is a girl who has the ability to see hidden stuff- hidden items, hidden people, spirits and even ghouls, and she could even talk to them. What she didn't know that in her school, there are two people that are freaks like her- a boy, Kakera Rei who has the ability to control one's dreams and also make them act like they're stone (like Medusa), and a girl, Takeru Mika, who has an ability to erase someone's memory, save it in her own mind and also has the ability to do telekinesis. The three of their lives changed when a dream linked the three, telling them that they're the chosen ones for the Crossed Stars.

I have a question, will you do other requests? Also, are you doing these in short ways?


Dec 31, 2011
New York
Title: Yellow Rose
Main Character: Female
Genre:Mystery, Horror, if you want Supernatural
Main Character Name: Mary
Other Character Names: Ib, Garry
World Name: Father's Museum
Weapon: Palette Knife(Mary), Lighter(Garry)
Summary: Play this: Ib


May 7, 2013
Title: Kakuri
Main Character: Jidokichi Noriki
Male/Female Male
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Comedy (If you think you're a funny person), Supernatural
Main Character Name: I just typed it
Other Character Names: You Mikagume (Female, Japanese), Kouka Kagura (Female, Japanese), Choumi Izaya (Male, Japanese), Luke Vestas (Male, American), Haruka Kuriru (Male, Japanese), Lewmon Gilgos (Male, Supernatural Being), Himejouki Karen (Female, Japanese) and Lewis Halcover (Male, British).
World Name: Our world and Kakuri
Weapons: Swords, there HAS to be swords, guns if you want, and any form of magic, but not your typical fire, water stuff, i mean like, well... your own magic, the magic that you want.

P.S: Sure, i did put my username on one of the names, but honest here, that's how i got my username, i just came up with the name "Lewmon".
Feb 23, 2011
Title: Ai Oantō Yō Maufu Mmmm Gimi Datto~♥

Main Character: Rasuratta Jonsū

Male/Female: Hermaphrodite

Genre: Slice of Life, Action, Mecha

Other Character: Rakurisha Ebensu, Jakafu Enmai Maufu, Hibi Taroren, Datoishu Karei, Mirabuyu Rongtaimu, Gimi Hedo

World Name: Dageddo Warudo.

Weapons: Guns, swords, gun blades; whatever you wish...

Summary: Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, an airbender named Rasuratta. And although his airbending skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone. But I believe Aang can save the world. Basically Rasuratta wants senpai to effin' notice her pls is that too much to ask

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