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What Is Your Typical Reaction to Gaming "Leaks" and "Rumors"

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Yes the one in the list that is a fact is indeed that TotK will utilize NSO in some capacity, according to recent promo material.

I was thinking if anything it might use it in a way similar to the Tingle bottles from Wind Waker HD. I don't imagine it being anything more substantial than that, but I guess we'll see soon enough.


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Huh, I assumed it was either gonna be the Metroid Prime remaster one since "reputable" leakers seem to insist on that one or the TotK OLED model one. I guess neither of those is truly confirmed then, but then again I don't follow that close. Guess I'm late for that part though.

On the topic of leaks/rumours of upcoming games: My reaction if I see one is an "would be cool I guess" if it's something I'm invested on, and a "huh, ok" if I am not. I think the only joy to be gained from it is if your interest in games goes beyond playing them and crosses into speculating about the inner workings of the industry for its own sake. That can be fun, but if you go in expecting real information on games you care about you will be bait-and-switch'd at worst and strung along at best.

Tangentially though, there's also leaks like that one Nintendo had some time ago of old development material and old builds of games. That kind of thing piques my curiosity as a long time fan and someone who likes to learn about the industry. Though it also does carry with it a bunch of implications that perhaps go outside the scope of this thread.

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