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What is Your Favorite ZD Emote?


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Aug 1, 2012
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What is your favorite ZD emote?

I have many

:chu: - Because ChuChu's are awesome

:right: - Because Pancake is awesome :right:

:devil: - Because Satan

:love: -Because I love everyone

:sweat: - Because it's cute

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-:kawaii: Because it's a better sad face than :cry: even though it's meant to mean a cute face. Plus I use it all the time. Mandy says it's the "Arsenic face".

-:well: Just because I like the way it looks.

-:right: Because it's useful in a lot of situations.

-:cooky: Because dem eyes

-:puppy: Also because dem eyes

-:ghirahim: Because licky-licky
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May 26, 2010
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I really only have one favorite emote on ZD/DGN and that is :right: .

Now, the history behind :right: I actually don't know, but I joined sometime around 2010 and I saw this user named PhantomTriforce using it almost obsessively. From there, I have been a PT fanboy and using :right: in his name, regardless of it belonged to someone else prior to PT. ;)


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Sep 16, 2011
- :kawaii: because it's just so cute... and it moves.

- ^^ because it looks so happy.

- :puppy: because... it's also cute.

- :right: because if used at the right time, it can be very funny.
Honestly, most of the emotes on here are pretty ugly. Which is why I normally tweak the smilies I make so that they don't parse into those things. There's a few exceptions, though.

My Favorite Emotes

:cucco: because cuccos. Oh, and Locke used to use them on mod-edits on my shouts way back when, so I'll occasionally use it for that. :cucco:

<3 because heart containers

:cooky: because those eyes

:bleh: because better tounge emote than :P

:kawaii: because Arsenic

:? because Chlorine

:rolleyes: because portable network graphic

:right: because :right:

:eek:nion: because blarhg my fourms kep getting delted

:ghirahim: because licking emoticon by yours truly ♥

My Least Favorite Emotes

:D because face looks smashed

:P for the same reason

:mad: because Tantalum

:party: because Tantalum

;) because Ununhexium always uses it when he's making innuendos, so I feel like a pervert using it

:puppy: because hideous

:mellow: because it looks like a GFCI outlet

:huh: because badmuffins used it along with flaming me

:eek: because octagonal

:love: because buck teeth

:suspicious: because badmuffins

:ganondorf: because you can't represent his amazingness with a 19x19 pixel GIF and it looks nothing like the guy
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:kawaii: omg kawaii desu
:keese: I enjoy the wing animation especially on the ZD-Brown skin.
:eek: I may be the only person who likes it but it serves as a good weapon if someone's on your nerves.
^^ This one is too cute.
:puppy: Also pretty cute,
:right: because PT and PT is awesome.

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